Family Karma
FAMILY KARMA -- Season:1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Vishal Parvani, Richa Sadana, Reshma Parvani, Kishor Parvani -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Why Family Karma Is The Most Wholesome Show On Bravo

It’s now considered a treat when a Bravo show doesn’t revolve around throwing wine glasses across a table or the crew of a yacht isn’t making sure their blood alcohol content is straight vodka. Sometimes the network throws us a bone with a new series that features other cultures.

Family Karma premiered in March of 2020 and had a pretty good first season. It doesn’t receive the promotion like a Real Housewives show, but it made it to Season 2 and counted it as a win. Despite Covid disrupting the entire world, Family Karma returned for Season 3 and it just might be the most uplifting show Bravo currently has on their programming schedule. Time to review just why Family Karma should be on your play list, and why it’s the most wholesome show on Bravo.

The Cast Actually Knows Each Other

Unlike a lot of the programs we watch, this cast wasn’t thrown together in a quick effort to push out content. Cameras follow several multi-generational families originally from India who are living in Florida and navigating their lives, relationships, and careers. This is a very close-knit group and everyone knows everybody else’s business, but it leans more towards family bonds than allowing hearsay and rumors to destroy relationships. Brian Benni, Bali Chainani, and Amrit Kapai created the show and not for nothing, the concept is simple but the product is fascinating.

The Relationships

Aside from the families, there are numerous couples within the group. Anisha Ramakrishna’s search for love under the hopeful gaze of her family was shared over the first two seasons. We found out in Season 3 she is newly engaged, but to whom is a mystery. Brian continues looking for his perfect partner, after breaking up with his physician-girlfriend, Monica Shah, last year. And then we have Vishal Parvani and his new wife Richa Sadana. This one was a true journey that dealt with scary mother-in-laws and an inability to grow up. But the best relationship of all has to be Amrit and his husband, Nicholas Kouchoukos. Funny thing about Family Karma, you will see disagreements and strife, but you also see people actually willing to work through hardships without resorting to juvenile tactics.

Amrit and Nicholas

Amrit comes from an extremely traditional culture that has specific views on same-sex relationships. This topic is handled in such a gentle and loving manner, especially when Amrit wanted to share his joy with his grandmother. Cameras captured Amrit struggling with the thought of being rejected for loving a man, and what happened was the exact opposite. Amrit’s mother and father embraced Nicholas and helped him to nurture the union. It was an extremely positive experience to watch, and the outcome is about to give us the best wedding we have seen in years.

The Aunties

Basically the mothers of the group are classified as Aunties and they know everything even if you think they don’t. They share information, gather for drinking and discussing, and make attempts to keep everyone on track. They gossip, they have spats, but once again we see disagreements in a civilized way we aren’t normally accustomed to.

Family Karma is the ideal reality television show — superb editing, a ton of drama, and genuinely interesting relationship and family storylines. The rich past shared by all the characters is, in fact, a major draw to this show. Too many Bravo series clumsily piece together a cast of characters who, while they may hang out in similar social circles or even be close friends, aren’t truly deeply ingrained in one another’s lives outside of the show’s environment. If you want a good show minus the heavy, dragging you down type of drama, you need to be watching Family Karma.


[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]