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Bachelorette Star Rachel Lindsay Says She’ll Never Be A Guest on Chris Harrison’s New Podcast

So apparently Season 21 Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is not a big fan of former host Chris Harrison. Not only will she not be listening when The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever … With Chris Harrison premiers, but she is now saying that she will likely never be a guest either.

US Weekly reported that Rachel‘s co-host of their podcast Higher Learning, Van Lathan played the trailer for Chris’s new show during their December 20th episode,

“I think he’s just playing off one of his most famous catchphrases,” Rachel commented, after hearing the trailer. “There won’t be Bachelor talk, I would assume.”

When her co-host asked if she had been invited to be a guest on the show, Rachel replied, “I was not asked, and I would not be on it.” Sounds like there’s no love lost between Rachel and Chris.

In the teaser, Chris admitted to thinking about his exit from The Bachelor franchise “every day” since his termination two years ago.

Fans of Bachelor Nation will remember that Chris was let go from the franchise he’d hosted for nearly 20 years, per CBS News, during Matt James season of The Bachelor. In a joint interview with Rachel during Season 25, Chris had defended contestant Rachael Kirckconnell, when photos surfaced of her attending a college party with an “Old South plantation” theme, wearing an antebellum-style dress.

Chris had asked for Bachelor Nation to have “grace” and “compassion” for the Georgia College alum, just before adding a lengthy rant about “this judge, jury, executioner thing” and the “woke police.” That rant was a death knell for his career as host of The Bachelor.

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Now the Dallas native is talking about the whole uncomfortable situation in the trailer for his new podcast. “I’m a little nervous. I have not spoken publicly for two years about this, and I have a lot of thoughts,” the disgraced host says. “It’s really heavy … But I think it will be cathartic. I’m looking forward to getting this off my shoulders and repairing this, moving forward, and letting everybody hear from me.”

Good luck with that whole “repairing” thing, Chris. Maybe you should start with an apology to your former “friend” Rachel Lindsay for dragging her into your controversy.

In the meantime, Rachel explained why she wouldn’t be a guest on the new podcast if asked. “It’s been almost two years since that happened, and the last time you had any communication with me was after I said, ‘We should just accept his apology … and move on,'” Rachel said about Chris‘s appearance on Good Morning America in March 2021, noting that he had texted her when his GMA apology was perceived by many as  “insincere.”

Is Chris Harrison ever sincere? He’s had so much smarminess scripted for him over the years, I think it’s just worked its way into his personality.

“People turned on Chris again or went harder on him. And he wrote me and said, you know, ‘I appreciate what you had to say. We should go have dinner,'” Rachel says now. “[But] you never reached out to me … [even though] you’re in the media telling everybody I’m your friend,” the attorney added.

Rachel stated that the two hadn’t spoken since that exchange, claiming that Chris only reached out to her at the time because she said something favorable about him.

The Extra correspondent added that it wouldn’t be “genuine” for Chris to contact her now, because it would only be for social media “clicks.”

“You’ve unfollowed me on social media at this point … moved on, [started a] new chapter … [and] I was not a part of it,” Rachel stated. “I would imagine he signed some sort of NDA, so I think this will just be him for the first time saying how he felt with it, all the aftermath, losing that job [and] how it affected him … I think he’ll refer to it as ‘the interview’ [and] ‘when that happened.’ I don’t think he wants to touch that [or say my name], because then it’s going to elicit a response from me, and then, you know, it goes back and forth,” she added.

Even though Rachel is clear about never wanting to be on Chris‘s show, her podcast co-host extended an open invitation for Chris to guest on Higher Learning.


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