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Wells Adams Is Bummed He Wasn’t Asked To Host The Bachelor Following Chris Harrison’s Exit

To put it straight, I’m a die-hard Bravo girl. I watch shows from other networks, like Love After Lockup or the 90 Day Fiance franchise. But Bravo keeps me fed, so I keep coming back. One franchise I have almost totally lost interest in is The Bachelor. I keep up with the news, I watch episodes from time to time, but it’s exhausting. And the drama isn’t even good enough to withstand the lengthy, commercial-ridden episodes. Year after year, it just keeps becoming more of a contrived mess that I enjoy in passing.

So when Chris Harrison announced he was no longer the host of the series, I honestly wondered what was next. ABC had a few stand-in hosts that were the definition of trial and error. But the network eventually decided to select Chris’ permanent replacement with a ghost of Bachelor past — Season 5 star Jesse Palmer. It seems like a safe bet, but not everyone was happy with the selection.

Wells Adams is the diamond in the rough on the Bachelor franchise. He found love outside of the show but secured a permanent gig as the bartender/shoulder to cry on for hopeful singles on Bachelor In Paradise. Honestly, he or Grocery Store Joe Amabile were my top picks for Chris‘ replacement.

And Wells recently told Us Weekly he was a bit bummed he wasn’t picked either. “I wanted that job, come on. It’s the best job in the world. You fly around, you say three words, [give] the last rose [and] get outta here,” Wells said. He added that BIP still doesn’t have a host, so all hope is not lost. Give this man the job. He’s earned it for what he’s put up with on that resort in Mexico.


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Wells did say he understands why ABC went with Jesse, as Wells was never officially “The Bachelor” on the show. “I also know Jesse really well, I’ve worked with him before. So I get him being the host, he was the Bachelor [so it] makes sense. You know, I’m happy [for him],” Wells added. But Wells did say that anyone replacing Chris has “tough shoes to fill” considering how long he was the host. “Change is hard for the audience so … it’s going to be a weird thing for people to see, I think,” he added. Does Bachelor Nation really care that much about the aloof host? I sure don’t, but Wells probably knows better than me.

While he didn’t confirm any information, Wells also mentioned that he doesn’t think we’ve seen the last of Chris Harrison on our TV screens. Is that a good or a bad thing? That’s up for debate. “I can’t speak for him, but I’ve got a feeling that he’s got something up his sleeve,” Wells said. “Something’s been cooking with the old Harrison.” Probably a Peacock special since that’s the trendy thing to do these days. Oy vey.

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