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Love Is Blind Star Sikiru “SK” Alagbada Denies Cheating On Ex-Fiancée Raven Ross

If I’m being perfectly honest, the most recent installment of Love Is Blind just didn’t do it for me. I’m a big fan of the show. And while I did enjoy the early episodes, by the end, I was firmly Team No-one. And I mean that – even with the couples who seemingly found love.

One of those couples is Sikiru “SK” Alagbada and Raven Ross. The two ended the show by calling off their engagement. But on the reunion, it was revealed that they had rekindled their romantic relationship. It didn’t last long, because rumors of SK being unfaithful quickly surfaced.

As reported by Page Six, SK said he is “not proud” of how he treated Raven. But he maintained that he didn’t cheat while they were together. “I was not dating anyone when [Raven and I] decided to go into a committed, exclusive relationship. Despite me being from a polygamous family, which was a very sensitive topic for me to share on the show, it is not the kind of lifestyle that I subscribe to and I never will,” SK explained, per People.

Given the timeline, SK reiterates that none of his other dalliances overlapped. But multiple women on social media posted stories, photos, and videos detailing his alleged infidelity. SK had an explanation for that too. He said, “All the previous women that came out. Those happened earlier in 2022, when, again, I was still a single guy.

He continued, “Raven and I were still talking, but we were not in a completely committed relationship, including the Cabo trip.” Here he’s referring to a vacation he took with NOT RAVEN in May of 2022.

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Circling back to the semantics of it all, SK said that while he didn’t physically cheat, he was guilty of “having an inappropriate conversation” with that same woman “sometime in the fall.” He added, “I believe it was around September of [2022], which is completely inappropriate. Didn’t end up happening, but … I feel like I shouldn’t even have had that kind of conversation with someone.”

Despite claiming that the cheating rumors were false on social media, SK admitted he wanted to tell Raven about them beforehand. “I definitely did have plans of letting everything out and being completely honest with her about the poor decisions I made in the past. We just hadn’t really had the opportunity to do that,” he explained. Erm, how do you have time to defend yourself on social media yet not call up your ex-fiancée and give her the head’s up? We are talking about common courtesy here.

Clearly, SK realized his mistake, even though it seems too little, too late. Said SK, “I regret it now, honestly, that there were a lot of hard conversations that we chose not to have. There was a lot of not trying to create conflict or just avoiding the hard conversation out of wanting this to work out.”

He went on to publicly apologize to Raven, saying, “I do want to deeply express my sincere apology to Raven for the hurt and embarrassment that I caused her. I’m not proud of how I conducted myself. I conducted myself in a way that’s making me take a step back and reflect.”

Thankfully, Raven hasn’t wasted any time moving on to bigger and better things. She’s dating someone new and gushed about him to People last month. “I am going to be engaged this year. I really feel like I am. I’m going to say it out loud: I really feel like I’m going to be engaged this year. I mean, [he’s] definitely the front-runner for sure. Yeah. Oh my gosh, I’m obsessed,” Raven excitedly shared.

SK said he has “nothing but well wishes for her” before sliding in a little shade. He said that he finds it “very interesting” that Raven has moved on so quickly. Even with all of his “reflection,” it sounds like SK still doesn’t understand the meaning of irony.


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