BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT -- Pictured: Parsifal III -- (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: Where There’s Smoke

When last we left Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher had recovered from her teary meltdown. But Chief Engineer Colin MacRae and First Mate Gary King were still having a lovers’ spat. As Deckhand Chase Lemacks said, “What’s up with all of our heads of departments? They’re all imploding.”

Tonight’s crew dinner should be interesting. They’re either all going to kiss (literally) and make up, or there will be a fireworks display in Portisco, Sardinia tonight.

While Colin headed down to his cabin for a nap, Daisy caught up with Gary on deck. She was still steamed at the chief engineer for throwing shade at her (disguised as “constructive criticism”) in the crew meeting.

“That charter was so hard,” she complained to Gary. “It was non-stop. When I tried to stand up for myself, Colin completely [turned] it back around. Don’t make me into a f***ing clown in front of everybody. I know that that was directed at me. F***ing p****.”

“I have never been this angry with Colin before,” Daisy interviewed. “He … loves to come in and be the voice of reason. But it’s none of his f***ing business. Colin needs to shut the f*** up and know his f***ing place.” I’m thinking all that righteous anger will soon convert itself to sexual energy later in the evening. It’s gotta happen soon. We’re into Episode 7 already!

Everyone just needs to have some fun

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Lucy Edmunds — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Everyone’s nerves were on edge following such a hard charter, and they all looked forward to blowing off some steam. As the girls were getting ready for a night out, Gary woke Colin from his nap to apologize for their spat.

“Sorry, bru,” he said. “I don’t know how that got so deep.” After they both said sorry, Gary told Colin to “come on outside. [Let me] get you a beer.” And they immediately began speculating who they wanted to make out with later in the evening. Only time will tell!

As Captain Glenn Shephard tendered the crew over to the restaurant for dinner, Gary passed around beers. “Where’s my beer?” Glenn joked. Of course, he couldn’t imbibe, since he was driving the tender.

Their dinner table was set on an outdoor patio overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea (I Googled it). Absolutely gorgeous! As their waiters Jacopo and Allesio were laying out utensils and napkins, Chase clapped his hands together like a little girl, “Ooh, it’s so fancy! … All right ladies, take notes on what these guys are doing, huh?” Chase is so socially awkward.

“F*** off, Chase,” Junior Stew Lucy Edmunds moaned. She later interviewed, “The last thing I needed after Daisy’s cried and Glenn’s given us bad feedback is Chase to make his sh** jokes about my f***ing job.” Not cool Chase.

When the appetizers came around, Chase looked at his plate and blurted, “What’s this? Chicken nuggets and some watermelon, huh?” Where did this yokel come from? Has he never eaten in a nice restaurant before? Have some couth, dude. You’re not making any points with your co-workers. Someone says it’s “anemone” and it’s amazing!

Lucy suddenly remembered she hadn’t put up the plastic shield to keep her from drunkenly rolling out of her top bunk. She joked that Colin should put it on his job list.

“As long as you do something,” Daisy jabbed. Still mad, I see.

“Daisy wants to have a fight tonight,” Colin answered.

“Somebody’s in the firing line,” Daisy shot back. “Might as well be you.”

Even though he laughed, Colin was a little worried about fighting with the chief stew. “I don’t want to fight with anyone on board,” he told a production interview, “let alone Daisy. She’s a good friend, but I’m not going to be made to feel bad about giving my opinion. She can be mad at me all night if she wants. It’s just a waste of her energy.” Like I said earlier, “energy.” Wink, wink.

Alex is crushing on Mads but is scared of Gary

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Alex Propson — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Across the table, Junior Stew Madison “Mads” Herrera and Deckhand Alex Propson looked cozy, taking selfies and whispering to each other. Gary was not stanning. “To friends, to family,” Mads toasted Alex. “And to me and you,” as they linked arms and sipped their wine. Poor Gary. There went his big plans for the evening.

“[I] just didn’t realize I was a jealous person until tonight,” he told Chef Ileisha Dell, sitting next to him.

“Oh, you’re jealous?” she asked him. “What are you going to do, though?” Not much he can do. But then again, recognizing his boss’ envy, Alex realized that hooking up with Mads could get messy.

Walking back to the van after dinner, Gary chastised Mads. “Don’t kiss me one night and then flirt with someone else,” he scolded. Good job, Gary. All that little outburst accomplished was to piss her off. He may have intimidated Alex, but Mads doesn’t work for Gary.

On the way back to the boat, the boys roughhoused in their van, while the girls were playing “F***, Marry, Kill” in theirs. Mads said she would “F*** Alex, marry Colin, kill Chase.” She called it correctly. I agree.

Daisy chose, “F*** Alex, marry Gary and kill Colin, ’cause I’m [still] super f***ing mad at him.” Can’t argue with that reasoning either.

Back on the boat, Chase tried to promote a game of Twister. What is this? Are they in high school? Gary finally moved in for a kiss with Mads, as Alex was either too drunk or just too scared of his boss. Even though Mads was hoping to get with Alex, in the end, she settled for Gary since she was horny and he was the one making the moves.

Colin and Daisy: friends again

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Daisy Kelliher — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

The next morning, it was back to work, even though everyone was pretty hungover. Daisy and Colin passed each other in the corridor without speaking. “What the f***’s going on with Daisy?” he asked Gary.

“She says she’s pretty pissed off with you,” Gary answered.

Colin was missing the point. He just didn’t understand why Daisy was so angry with him. I do. She was tired and frustrated, and you didn’t have her back, bro. That’s why.

When Captain Glenn called Gary, Daisy and Ileisha to the Crew Mess for the preference sheet meeting, they were all pleased to learn that the primary would be a returning guest with whom they’d all had a lot of fun last season. “[‘Big Jim’] can’t wait for another trip on Parsifal III … for more nighttime debauchery,” Glenn read. Sounds like a fun and relatively easy charter. Yay!

Later that afternoon, Colin called Daisy to meet him on the flybridge for a chat. Good for him. When he asked why she was so upset with him, Daisy said, “You shut me down.” She felt his comments about “accepting constructive criticism from Glenn” at the last tip meeting were insensitive, especially considering the pressure she’d been under. “I know that comment was about me,” she said.

“Glenn making these comments,” Daisy continued, “and then you chirping in … [I was just] overwhelmed.”

“Didn’t want to f***ing make you feel worse,” Colin admitted. “But I did, and I’m sorry.”

Daisy appreciated his apology, and they hugged it out. “I didn’t mean to make you feel bad when you were already feeling bad,” Colin told her. “That was not my intention.” So they’re all good then.

Meanwhile, in the salon, Alex was fishing for information from Mads. “Sooooo,” he began, “how was your night?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Mads dodged.

“Is it true love?” the deckhand teased. “I’m happy for you guys … Just kidding. I’m just jealous.”

Is someone sending smoke signals?

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: (l-r) Daisy Kelliher, Gary King, Ileisha Dell, Chase Lemacks, Colin Macrae, Alex Propson — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

When the guests arrived, they were obviously happy to be back aboard the Parsifal III, and the crew was just as glad to see them. “We missed you!” said the principal, Big Jim.

“I can’t tell you how great it is to have you guys back here,” Glenn said. And since they were already familiar with the boat, the captain suggested they skip the tour and get off the dock, so they could sail. Everyone was agreeable to that idea.

As the guests settled in and the boat was leaving the port, smoke started to pour out the back. “What the f***?” Colin exclaimed. “F*** me!”

Unaware of the engine problem, Glenn was chatting with Big Jim about their trip down the Amalfi Coast. As the billowing cloud of smoke started to become apparent on the flybridge, Jim asked Glenn, “Is there anything you want to tell me about, you know … today’s charter?”

As Colin ran down the stairs to the engine room, alarms started going off. “Hey, that’s the fire alarm going off in the bridge,” Glenn radioed. “Can someone check it, please?”

“We need to anchor, Glenn,” Colin said. “Let’s get into some deeper water.”

“We’re 30 minutes in and we’ve got an engine smoking,” one of the guests commented. “Not good.”

“Everything’s normal,” Colin reported — except for maybe that smoke billowing out of the rear exhaust. I think I can actually smell it from here. “All the temperatures and everything is normal. Obviously, something f***ed up going on inside the engine.” Ya think? Glenn guided the boat into deeper water, and they dropped anchor.

The guests, however, were on vacation and in a good mood. When Daisy brought one of them a fresh cocktail, Big Jim joked he was going to use it “to put the fire out.”

“There’s no fire,” Daisy assured him. “That’s a welcome smoke.” Keep those drinks coming, Dais.

Down in the engine room, Colin discovered “oil dripping out of the turbo.” He explained, “This means that there’s something seriously broken inside the engine or the turbo itself.” Also all the smoke. “I don’t know where I’m sitting on the scale of possible catastrophe. So I’m starting to stress.” Time to tear the engine apart then. For the second time this season. Bummer.

The guests were taking it all in stride, though. “You know, the interior’s been doing amazing,” Jim said.

When Daisy joked that she broke the engine on purpose so they could look good, Jim answered, “They always look good, don’t they, Gary?” No wonder they love these guests. So cheerful and nice.

“They look good, for sure,” Gary agreed. “But then looks can be deceiving … I’m just kidding, Dais!”

“What does ‘boat’ stand for,” Jim quipped. “Break out another thousand.” He’s not wrong. Unless you’re a millionaire and don’t care about throwing money away, it makes more sense to rent or charter than to buy.

Dead in the water

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Gary King — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

While everyone made jokes about the boat being on fire, the deck crew was getting out all the water toys to give the guests something to do. And Colin discovered the problem: the shaft inside the turbo had completely snapped, explaining where the oil was coming from. The turbo is responsible for forcing air into the engine, which is necessary for combustion, Colin explained. So until the problem was fixed, the Parsifal would be stuck at anchor. At least they had the tender to ferry people back and forth, if necessary. Colin really earned his paycheck this season. I hope he gets more than just tips.

Texting one parts supplier after another, Glenn was frantically trying to locate a replacement for the broken turbo. Supplier after supplier came up empty. Finally, the ninth supplier he contacted answered in the affirmative, “Yes, we have one left, in Amsterdam.” Hello, Federal! Am I the only one who remembers those ads? “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

Glenn followed up with a phone call and asked, “How soon can we get it here? … By tomorrow? [That’s] great news.”

When Glenn told him the part would arrive the next day, Colin responded, “F*** yeah! Good work there, Cap!”

Ileisha and Daisy are killing it

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Ileisha Dell — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Chef Ileisha prepared a fabulous Sardinian-style dinner. She served it family style, so everything arrived at the table at the same time and there was no waiting between courses. The guests were happy, and so was Captain Glenn.

“Daisy and Ileisha have taken on board everything I’ve pointed out,” Glenn interviewed. “They’re making an effort to make sure that they don’t make those same mistakes, and I’m noticing a big improvement.”

“Killing it, huh?” Colin asked the chef.

“If I think I’m killing it,” she quipped, “then does that mean I’m killing it?”

“No,” Colin ribbed her. But they both laughed.

Charter Day 2

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Captain Glenn Shephard — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Early the next morning, Glenn received a text from the parts supplier: “The turbo piece you’re waiting on is currently in transit and will get to Parsifal within the next few hours.” Excellent news to start the day!

When Chase came up to relieve Alex from his night shift, he immediately started going around complaining about everything he thought Alex didn’t clean. That’s what Chase does. He complains about everybody else while casting himself as the hero in his own movie.

Glenn found Gary and Colin in the Crew Mess and gave them the news that the new turbo was already on its way and should arrive in a few hours.

Meanwhile, Chase and Lucy led an early morning yoga class on the sundeck. “Namaste, everyone!” Chase thought he was a yoga master and went a little overboard on the instructions. Lucy thought he was “cringey.” She was stifling some giggles when Chase put his feet in the air and showed everyone his butt.

Chase throws Alex under the bus

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Chase Lemacks — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Running into Gary on deck, Chase asked, “Can I speak to you about the boat this morning?”

“Yeah,” Gary said. “It looks like sh**, eh? Look at the anchor pockets!”

Captain Glenn joined the conversation. “This should get rinsed at night,” he said.

“100%,” Gary agreed. “We were just speaking about that.”

“If it’s cool with you, I’m just going to speak with him about it myself,” Chase offered. Um, you’re not his boss, Chase. I don’t think Alex would take kindly to that, Mr. Tattletale.

“No, I’ll have a chat with him, bru,” Gary said.

“Thank you, brother,” Chase brown-nosed. Chase is a real suck-up. He acts like he’s everyone’s buddy while he’s shoving a knife in his “brother’s” back.

“Now I look like a big fat f***ing asshole,” Chase muttered. You got that right, “brother.” F***ing wanker.

While the guests were enjoying their breakfast on the sundeck, the replacement part arrived. “This is good news here, guys,” Chase announced as he carried the heavy box past their breakfast table. Once again painting himself as the hero.

“Run, Chase! Run!” Jim joked. And Chase started running! What an idiot. “Colin, the part’s here!” he announced.

The ladies of the charter asked Daisy if they could raise a flag. Apparently, they’d brought their own flag printed with a picture of Jim sleeping on his back in a beach chair, legs akimbo, completely naked except for a crumpled cloth covering his junk. The words across the bottom of the banner said “Big Jim.” LOL. I see what they did there.

“Is that Jim?!” a shocked Daisy gasped. She admitted in an interview, “That is so gross.” But funny. The rest of the crew thought so, too.

“That’s actually for you,” Daisy told Gary. “Can you hoist this?”

Colin MacRae saves the day, part deux

BELOW DECK SAILING YACHT — Pictured: Colin Macrae — (Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo)

Once he’d installed the new part, it was time to test it. Colin radioed the captain, “Glenn, Glenn, Colin. We’re ready to fire up.”

“Let’s do it!” Glenn answered, going to the back of the boat to observe the exhaust.

“We’re gonna have to run the engine, let it heat up, then burn off all of the loose oil inside the exhaust system,” Colin explained. “Once that’s burnt off, if there’s no more smoke, we know we fixed the problem. And we can set sail again.”

Once the boat started up, a lot of smoke poured out the rear exhaust. “We’ve got a smoke alarm in the laz,” Gary reported. “Can someone just check that? There’s fire alarms going off.”

“You can mute it,” Glenn responded. “There’s no fire in the laz. It’s just the smoke getting sucked back in.”

“I don’t know if it’s me,” Glenn radioed Colin, “but it seems like the level of smoke has definitely dropped off. Probably still a little bit to burn off.”

“Everything down here is amazing,” Colin informed Glenn. “No oil, no exhaust anywhere.”

Good news all around. Everyone was excited as Daisy instructed the interior crew, “I would fully stow because this looks like … we’re gonna sail hard.”

Even Glenn admitted, “It’s pretty crazy to have two massive unrelated engine failures in such a short time. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ve gotten our bad luck out of the way, so we can give Jim and his gang a monumental sail.”

Hoist that flag, boys! Big Jim is going sailing! “Thank you, Colin!” the guests all said.

When Jim asked his wife, “What are you doing, Marnie?” she answered, “Admiring the flag.”

He looked up and said, “Oh, my heavens! What in the hell is wrong with you?”

“That’s our new courtesy flag,” Glenn told him, laughing.

“Wow!” Big Jim chortled. “How can you not love that?” Indeed.

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