Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain
(Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Captain Lee Reveals Hilarious First Meeting With Kate Chastain on Below Deck

It was a hard pill to swallow when we found out that Captain Lee Rosbach would not be returning for Below Deck Season 11. All the more shocking was finding out he didn’t retire, but wasn’t invited back.

Still, we can all look for the silver linings around the storm clouds. Though Captain Lee did not see his firing coming, it’s still given him the opportunity to reminisce on many joyous memories from his time on Bravo.

He had the chance to appear in an interview with Us Weekly to discuss everything on his mind about Below Deck. The interviewer, Christina Garibaldi, asked the Captain for some of his favorite memories from the show. He recalled seeing Kate Chastain for the first time.

Kate did not look like a Chief Stew

“I remember when we hired Kate, you know, we all have earpieces in and we’re listening to the producer, and he’s cueing me—he’s telling me, he says, ‘Okay, your new Chief Stew is going to be walking down the deck straight towards you.’ And we were sitting upstairs in a restaurant where we could look out on the dock. And I’m sitting there and I’m waiting. I’m waiting.

“And all of a sudden in my ears: ‘Lee, what are you doing?’ I said, ‘What do you mean what am I doing?’ He said, ‘Why didn’t you grab your Chief Stew and tell her to come up to the restaurant?’ I said, ‘Because I didn’t see my Chief Stew.’

“And when Kate came walking down the dock, I swear to God, she looked like something that stepped out of Vogue. She did not look like, I mean, I’m looking for somebody in a skort and regular crew uniform, that kind of thing. No, she didn’t fit that. She had big sunglasses on, scarves flowing everywhere, and definitely did not look like a Chief Stew, and I was really shocked when I saw her.”

Well, looks can be deceiving. And whatever notions Captain Lee may have had, thank goodness they all turned into a wonderful friendship.