90 Day Fiancé's Debbie Aguero and Oussama
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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: All Of Season 4’s Bombshell Moments

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 4 recently came to a dramatic conclusion, ending a season filled with chaotic moments. Six adventurous Americans decided to take the ultimate trip for love, and moved to countries including India, Morocco, Egypt, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic to be with their partners. Some of the couples were able to overcome their differences and keep their love alive. But other stories ended in heartbreak, leading to The Other Way Season 4’s bombshell moments.

The Other Way Season 4 Bombshell Moment: Kris and Jeymi’s Physical Altercation

Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera’s breakup was one of the most dramatic moments of the season, and shockingly ended in a physical altercation between the two women. Jeymi and Kris took a risk and got married after knowing each other for only nine days in person, and unfortunately it did not pay off. Kris ultimately decided that she was not able to make things work with Jeymi, and ended things with her during her birthday celebration.

The couple constantly argued over finances, which ended up being a critical factor in their split. Kris claimed that she sent Jeymi all of her money, while Jeymi insisted that wasn’t true. After a brief argument, Kris eventually declared that she was done with Jeymi and said that she was moving out. Jeymi followed Kris out to the car, where she ultimately pushed Jeymi who stumbled backwards out of the van as a result.

The Other Way Season 4’s bombshell moment showed a completely different side of Kris, and proved that the Alabama native can resort to physically violent tendencies. While things between Kris and Jeymi were always problematic, it was truly shocking to see their relationship end the way that it did.

The Other Way Season 4 Bombshell Moment: Jen Reveals All To Rishi’s Parents

Jen Boecher and Rishi Singh also ran into a number of stressful moments, including Rishi being forced to come clean to Jen about the disapproval of his family. Jen and Rishi met by chance while she was traveling in India, and got engaged shortly afterward. However, the couple had a 15 year age gap, which Rishi’s family ultimately found too difficult to accept.

Rishi initially told Jen that he would need time to tell his family about their engagement. However, after almost two years Jen became impatient and took matters into her own hands. The real The Other Way Season 4 bombshell moment was when Jen hired a translator to tell Rishi’s mother about their engagement. She initially accepted the news with a smile, but Rishi’s mother later admitted to him that she had felt pressured to say yes. In reality, she did not really approve of Rishi’s relationship with Jen due to their age difference.

Rishi had no choice but to be upfront with Jen, who was understandably disappointed. Jen later broke up with Rishi and decided to leave India. Ultimately, she did not see the point in staying with him if she could not gain his family’s approval.

Oussama’s Plans To Move To The U.S.

Debbie Aguero and Oussama were one of the most surprising couples from The Other Way Season 4. However, their relationship quickly began to spiral when Oussama dropped a major bombshell on Debbie. Debbie traveled to Morocco to live with Oussama permanently, despite their 43 year age gap. However, shortly after Debbie arrived, Oussama shocked her with a sudden change of plans.

Oussama revealed that he only wanted Debbie to stay in Morocco for a few months, before returning to the United States. In another The Other Way Season 4 bombshell moment, Oussama added that he wanted to move to the United States and live there with Debbie, instead of Morocco. Debbie was visibly taken aback by the revelation, and quickly became upset with Oussama.

Oussama’s wishes made it look like he was simply using Debbie for a visa to the United States, as he made it clear that was his ultimate goal. Debbie and Oussama later broke up, because the couple was just not compatible.

Mahmoud Talking To Another Woman Online

Nicole Sherbiny and her husband Mahmoud Elsherbiny fought almost all season. However, one of the couple’s most chaotic moments occurred when Nicole revealed that Mahmoud had talked to another woman online. Nicole revealed that Mahmoud had stricken up a conversation with a TV saleswoman, and asked her questions such as her age and what she was doing.

Mahmoud initially denied that he had talked to the woman, although he later admitted that he had texted back and forth with her briefly. While the conversation did not escalate, Mahmoud recognized during the Tell-All that he would have been angry if Nicole had texted another man in a similar manner. Mahmoud was called out by Nicole for his hypocrisy throughout the season, and this was just another example of his often contradicting behavior.