NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 04: Bartise Bowden and Love Is Blind cast celebrate Netflix's first Live Reunion with the iconic pods at Union Square In New York City on April 04, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Netflix)

Love Is Blind Alum Bartise Bowden Confirms Baby Timeline

In all honesty, Love is Blind is kind of a sad show. Perhaps not the show itself, but the news surrounding the show almost always seems negative. Breakups and heartbreak seem to abound. Not to mention the accusations of producers depriving the contestants of food, water, and sleep.

So, with Season 5 on the horizon, it’s high time we reflect on the positive stories, like the birth of Bartise Bowden’s baby. Bartise was generally seen as one of the villains of Love is Blind. His nastiness shone through at the reunion when he spoke for Cole Barnett, saying he shouldn’t regret a thing when it was clear Cole needed to work on himself.

Still, it’s nice to celebrate important milestones with others. It was a month and a half ago when Bartise announced he even had a son. But this left many confused. When did Bartise have time for a son if he was filming on Perfect Match?

Bartise on his baby and baby mama

Bartise went on the Talk’R podcast to clear things up. He started off by saying, “I wish the public had a little bit more of an appreciation for people’s private life,” which is pretty fair, especially when it comes to children. “There’s a difference between privacy and secrecy,” he said.

He said he “made the announcement at a time where I felt it was the safest for everybody involved.” He acknowledged that “how [the timeline] plays out … on camera doesn’t make any sense,” but confirmed that the child was conceived after Perfect Match was filmed, but before it aired.

He figured if he made the announcement before Perfect Match aired, things would’ve been even more confusing. “There’d be more eyes on [the baby] or eyes on my baby mama, and they didn’t ask for any of that.” He explained that he didn’t want his family to be a promotional tool, and even though he and the child’s mother are in a co-parenting situation, he just wants to share their lives with them.

Love is Blind Season 5 will premiere September 2023 on Netflix.