Simon Marco interview Summer House Martha's Vineyard Bria Fleming
Photo Credit: Simon Marco

Simon Marco Interview: Summer House Martha’s Vineyard, Relationship Update With Bria Fleming

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard has just wrapped up its debut season on Bravo. A summertime sanctuary for Black families and friends, Martha’s Vineyard has made history since the 1800s. Season 1 of the series followed a group of friends vacationing in the Oak Bluffs area, and among the cast was Bria Fleming. Joining her for part of the trip, was her boyfriend, Simon Marco. Both dealt with a hefty dose of drama during their time on the show. Reality Tea News Editor Daniel Falconer sat down with Simon for an exclusive chat about his experience.

Joining the Bravo universe, and being prejudged as a “sugar daddy”

Simon Marco interview Summer House Martha's Vineyard Bria Fleming
Photo Credit: Simon Marco

Daniel Falconer: You’re now a part of the Bravo universe! What were you expecting going into Martha’s Vineyard, and how has that compared to your actual experience?

Simon Marco: I was completely unaware of the whole Bravo universe. I just wanted to support my partner in her journey, and learn about the rich history from Martha’s Vineyard.

Daniel Falconer: Your relationship was questioned before you even arrived on the show. How did it feel to watch that back and see people were playing your relationship with Bria down?

Simon Marco: It made me sad to be so prejudged by people who had never met me before. I couldn’t relate to anything that was said, because she is nothing like they were portraying her to be.

Daniel Falconer: What was your reaction to being called a “sugar daddy?”

Simon Marco: I just laughed. One thing which I value the most about Bria is that she always keeps it real and never has any bad intentions, and loves me unconditionally.

Daniel Falconer: Do you feel you successfully changed some opinions when you arrived at the house?

Simon Marco: Absolutely! My arrival and the reception I got was nothing like I expected. Everyone welcomed me very warmly, and were all nice to me.

Celebrating a year of dating Bria, and moving to New York

Daniel Falconer: Congratulations on your recent one-year anniversary with Bria! How did you celebrate?

Simon Marco: We traveled back to Cannes during the Film Festival which is where we originally met. We rented an apartment next to the beach and celebrated at our favorite Italian Restaurant.

Daniel Falconer: Bria mentioned that you have both just moved back to New York – how are you finding building your lives together in the Big Apple?

Simon Marco: I love New York, it´s such a great city with so much energy. It´s very exciting and I am already seeing a lot of opportunities, both personal and business-related, coming up for me. I´ll be traveling back and forth between Munich and New York.

Daniel Falconer: What would you like Martha’s Vineyard fans to know about you that they may not have necessarily found out or learned from the show?

Simon Marco: I have had a rough journey in my life and have been down a long path to be the person that I am today. Viewers of the show could see that I´m a very calm and very chilled person; this is something I have become along the way, after overcoming difficult times in my life.

Daniel Falconer: Is there anything you and Bria have coming up later this year that we should know about?

Simon Marco: We are planning to go to BravoCon 2023 and to be more involved inside the Bravo Universe!

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard is available to stream on Peacock.