Times When The Below Deck Captains Were Totally Unreasonable

Captain Lee from Below Deck
(Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Between the fresh sea water hitting their face and barking orders to their crew, the Below Deck captains sometimes make a mistake or two. While most of the skippers are helm worthy, the leaders are the first to admit when they have done something wrong. If they don’t, Bravo fans will make sure to call them out on their error. 

Between Captain Sandy Yawn, Captain Lee Rosbach, Captain Glenn Shephard, and some newcomers, there has been a ton of leadership going on. For the most part, it has been high quality. While some viewers agree with the captain’s decisions, some moments have been called into question. Sometimes fans wonder if the stars of Below Deck could have handled themselves better. 

Captain Lee

(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

The Flordia native once admitted on Twitter that he made the wrong decision. It shook fans to the core, as Captain Lee never admits when he is wrong. During Below Deck Season 1, the super yacht was pulling into port and about to drop its lines when First Officer Aleks Tadykin offered some sound advice that the skipper promptly ignored. 

In a surprising about-face, Captain Lee gave a shout-out to his former crew member. He wrote, “My bad, he was right, and I was wrong; when you are a gigayacht, it’s what you do. My apologies to you, pal.” Even Aleks was surprised his old boss remembered the conversation, especially since the two men were known for butting heads. Captain Lee even shared he wouldn’t rehire Aleks!

Captain Sandy Made Fraser Cry

Sandy Yawn/Instagram

While we are all about Team Sandy, some feel her micromanaging style is all wrong for the reality TV show. This past season’s altercation with Fraser Olender didn’t help Captain Sandy’s standing with haters. During Below Deck Season 10, the Colorado native was a divisive stand-in captain, leaving the Chief Stew in tears after a rough feedback session. Even though the commander already had gone on record stating she would rather work with Fraser than Hannah Ferrier, she really let the English native have it. 

During a tip meeting, Captain Sandy delivered what she believed was constructive criticism after hearing her Chief Stew had talked about her to his junior stews. She told Fraser, “When I see where we can change things, I expect you to go downstairs and shoulder what I just told you. That needs to be improved and not permeate the boat with cancer… You have now infected my entire program. The fish stinks at the head, and right now, you are that head.”

Naturally, as anyone with a heart would have done, Fraser broke down into tears and called his mother for reassurance. The style icon noted that “If someone refers to cancer to me ever again with what I went through with my father, it makes me disgusted. The fact that she thinks so negatively of me makes me feel utterly horrendous.” Fraser and fans even thought Captain Sandy’s comments were meant to break him. However, Sandy saw the error in her ways, and the two ended their charter season on a high note. 

Captain Glenn Sends Lucy Ashore

Glenn Shephard/Instagram

Even Captain Glenn from Below Deck Sailing Yacht has found himself in hot water after causing Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher to have a minor breakdown on his watch. During Season 4, Daisy cried in her cabin room after being overwhelmed by the demands of some needy charter guests. These particular guests were planning to head to the beach but changed their minds at the last minute, forcing Daisy to serve their umbrella drinks alone. In a mini tantrum caught by Bravo cameras, Daisy vented, “For f*cks sake, this is exactly why I didn’t want to send a stew.”

Daisy continued saying, “Now I’m pretty sure Lucy’s going to be doing f*ckall while we’re busting our a*ses.” An episode prior, Daisy tried to explain to Captain Glenn that the deckhands could handle beach excursions without a server. Captain Glenn was left with egg on his face for not thinking to ask the exterior to help the interior. It left many fans wanting to shake the captain and say, “Give this lady some help!”