Stephanie Matto burial plot 90 Day Fiance
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90 Day Fiancé’s Stephanie Matto Sells Burial Plot Next to Her for $100K

Stephanie Matto is the stand out reality TV star from the 90 Day Fiancé series who shot to fame last year for a highly unusual business venture. And this summer, she revealed an even more controversial money making scheme.

The reality star notably flew to Australia to meet a potential love match on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 4. She makes a living off of adult content platforms. Last year, Stephanie upped the game by earning $200,000 for selling her farts in jars. Now, she’s marketing afterlife access.

Stephanie calls it a “generous” move

Stephanie took to her social media Thursday July 6 to share that she auctioned her neighboring burial plot to a very enthusiastic fan for $100,000.

“I think this is one of the most generous things I’ve ever done for one of my fans,” she captioned the Instagram Story.

“[He’s] been saving up for a very long time since I purchased the side-by-side plots years ago when I was sick with a rare bone marrow failure condition. [He] realized he wasn’t going to be able to spend his real life with me, so perhaps the afterlife will have to do once he’s buried beside me,” Stephanie explained of the arrangement.

The entrepreneur continued, “I literally think I just made his life, like I think he’s just gonna be waiting his whole entire life for the moment that he’s going to be buried next to me.”

From this one transaction, Stephanie envisioned taking the money making scheme to the next level. She even mentioned the idea of, “buying a plot of land to create a cemetery for all of [my] fans that can’t be with [me] in real life.”

Needless to say, the idea shocked some followers. One post read, “This makes me embarrassed for ALL OF HUMANITY.” Another asked, “Have you no shame?”

On the flip side, some praised Stephanie’s financial scheme. “Girly is a marketing genius and knows how to keep going viral,” one supporter wrote. Another said, “I love your creative ideas! Go for it!”

One thing is for sure, Stephanie knows how to stay relevant. And make money in the process.


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