Tori Spelling
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Tori Spelling Supposedly Jealous of Mom’s Friendship With Josh Flagg

Tori Spelling may be an actress from an ultra-wealthy family, but she is being squeezed by financial pressure. Tori has publicly begged to join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That would be a stretch unless Tori’s mom, Candy Spelling, bankrolled her.

The Beverly Hills 90210 star is facing financial difficulties again. Her marriage to Dean McDermott has also been in a state of flux.

While Tori is going through a stressful time in her life, she is reportedly jealous of her mother’s close friendship with Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing. Now The Daily Mail has exclusive details.

Jealous of her mom’s bestie

Candy is worth a staggering $600 million. Meanwhile, Tori and her five kids are just out of staying at a no-frills motel. It costs $83 per night. All because Tori and Dean are experiencing marital problems yet again.

While Tori is struggling, Candy has been traveling abroad with Josh. “Tori and Candy have long had a fraught mother-daughter relationship,” a source revealed. “But now, when Tori is feeling particularly vulnerable with money being tight and her relationship with Dean in limbo, she can’t help but be jealous of the attention Candy is paying to Josh.”

Well, that would make me jealous, too. It’s not like Candy would notice if she dropped some cash to help her grandkids.

“He’s her friend, too. But she resents the attention he’s getting and believes he’s practically living with her mother since his split from his husband,” the insider continued. “Let’s face it. Tori is needy and so is Candy. It’s just that their needs don’t often intertwine.”

The source added that Candy has closed her checkbook to Tori. But she has traveled to Paris, Prague, and Vienna with Josh. Plus, Josh is now staying with Candy at her home since his divorce from his ex-husband, Bobby Boyd.

Candy recently told TMZ that she is in her daughter’s corner. And Josh was with her as she discussed Tori’s situation. “I love my daughter, and I support her in whatever she does,” Candy said. “I support my daughter, what can I tell you?”

In 2006, Tori only received $800,000 after the death of her father, Aaron Spelling. Tori and Candy remained estranged for years.

Ironically, Josh put the wheels in motion to mend the relationship between them. In October 2022, Tori shared that her relationship with Candy was in a great place. Until Candy started to spoil Josh.