Nathan Griffith mugshot
Image: Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Nathan Griffith’s Sister Hospitalized for Fractured Jaw After Attack

Another victim falls prey to Nathan Griffith’s attack. A week after the Teen Mom alum was arrested for alleged “domestic violence by strangulation” inflicted on his sister, the latter revealed that she had suffered a fractured jaw due to the attack and has been hospitalized.

According to The Sun, Nathan spent almost a week at the Clark County Detention Center after his arrest. His sister said, “I went to the hospital after and got x-rays- I have a fractured jaw.” Imagine choking someone to the extent of them suffering a jaw fracture. Intense!

However, this isn’t the first time the former reality star has been in the news for the wrong reasons. Last month, he was arrested for driving under the influence after cops were called following a fight between him and his wife May Oyola. In March 2023 it was reported that his girlfriend was granted a restraining order against him following his arrest for domestic battery.

The former reality star shares a son – Kaiser, eight – with ex Janelle Evans.

Nathan Griffith’s sister reveals shocking details of attack

Nathan’s sister Heather had previously claimed that his drunken behavior has led him to draw out a pattern of attacks against people close to him. This time, it was Heather on the receiving end. She said Nathan had “tried to kill her.”

Heather explained, “He said to me: ‘Well, you know who is not home to protect you.’ He would not let me leave the house. He came across the kitchen and he started doing what he does to all women, he started choking me.”

It only gets more shocking from there.

Heather claimed that Nathan threw her on the ground, got on top of her and told her she was going to die and that he was going to kill her. She then said, “In between sessions of him choking me, because he’s trying to make me blackout, I said ‘Nate, I’m your sister, how can you do this to me?’ And he’s like, ‘I don’t care. You’re going to die.'”

This would be shocking for anyone to go through, to say the least. And when it is your own family member attacking you, one cannot fathom the physical and mental trauma inflicted.

Surviving an almost-deadly attack

Heather said that when he stopped choking her, she kicked him as hard as she could and ran out. She first hoped Veteran Affairs would take care of him, but considering the alleged attack was so severe, the cops were left with no choice.

Heather said, “They arrested him on the spot. And it’s so hard to see your little brother go through that. But at the same time, he wasn’t caring about me when he had his hands around my neck.”

She added, “He really tried to kill me. I literally got myself into a situation where he was not going to stop. He told me I was gonna die. He told me it was going to kill me.”

Nathan needs some serious help. The situation is only getting worse with time and if not treated, God only knows who else he ends up hurting.