Signs Kody Brown Doesn’t Care About His Kids

Photo Credit: TLC via YouTube

Once again, Kody Brown of Sister Wives proves he doesn’t care about his older children. The father of 18, yes, the man has been busy, has made it clear that he is only interested in the children who support him blindly and don’t have the wherewithal to argue with his silly household rules. The TLC star started out his reality TV career as a jovial husband of four, whose only goal was to show the world that “love should be multiplied, not divided.”

However, over the seasons, his lack of accountability has found him in hot water, especially with Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown. He has been left with only one legal wife, his fourth and favorite, Sobbin Robyn. The other three have finally left and are looking for greener pastures.

Kody Snubs Gwen at Her Own Wedding

Gwen Brown/Instagram

Gwen Brown has openly talked about her rocky relationship with her father, especially after her parents decided to get divorced. The 21-year-old has been the most outspoken against Kody and has dedicated a whole YouTube channel to airing the Brown family’s dirty laundry. During a recent livestream segment, Gwen opened up about her wedding day to Beatriz Queiroz, which took place earlier this month. While Kody was spotted in the background, it seems there was way more to the story. 

It appears Kody and Robyn were two hours late to the wedding. Gwen told viewers, “My dad and Robyn were just kind of there. They showed up like two hours late and just kind of hung out.” Gwen stated that the only family member happy to see them was her sister Mykelti Brown because she actually “hangs out with them” since Kody babysits her kids. 

It seems there is still a major rift going on within the family. Gwen explained that some of her family voiced their opinions of Kody arriving late. The Sister Wives star noted, “Some people were mad that he was there because they weren’t aware that I was like, ‘Yeah, you can come. So a few people were like, ‘How dare you show up?’ But other than that, it was fine. Those people didn’t say it to his face. Nobody says bad things to people’s faces. They just gossip about it behind their backs.”

Ysabel Brown’s Spine Surgery

Ysabel Brown/Instagram

For years, Christine and Kody’s daughter, Ysabel Brown, had been fighting a severe case of scoliosis. Ultimately, she was told she would have to have back surgery. The news came during the worldwide pandemic, with Christine informing Kody the family would have to fly from Arizona to New Jersey. The patriarch didn’t think twice before saying no, noting he wouldn’t risk his health. 

While Kody tried to justify his decision, sharing in a TLC confessional that going with Ysabel would have required him to be away from Robyn’s home for six to eight weeks, with Kody sharing, “No man can be away from work and from home and from family that long.” However, Christine was furious at Kody’s lack of support, sharing in her confessional, “Ysabel’s heartbroken, oh my gosh. She goes, ‘How can he justify officiating Brian’s wedding when he wouldn’t even come to my surgery?'” Kody made a clear choice to ignore the needs of his children and put his wants first that day. 

​​Kody Doesn’t Talk to Janelle’s Boys


For over a year, Kody has refused to speak to his two sons, Garrison Brown and Gabe Brown. The star’s strict COVID-19 rules put a strain on the entire family, leaving some wives to put their foot down. During Season 16, Gabe broke down to TLC cameras, explaining why he no longer had a relationship with his father. It turns out that the lazy father actually forgot to wish Gabe a happy birthday on his special day. Instead, Kody called Gabe to quiz him on the symptoms and side effects of COVID-19 since his son had just recovered. 

In an emotional interview, Gabe cried, saying, “I shouldn’t have done this, but I did anyway. I didn’t remind him that it was my birthday because I wanted to see if he remembered. And he didn’t. And so to him, it was just a phone call, just asking me about COVID; it was a lot worse than just a phone call for me.”

As Sister Wives viewers know, Gabe and Garrison always believed that Robyn was puppeteering the strict rules in order to keep Kody close to home. The boys begged Robyn to relax a bit through a text message. Kody became irate and demanded his two sons apologize, which they didn’t.

These three major examples show just how out of touch Kody is with his children. At this rate, Kody is going to end up very much alone and isolated from the rest of the family, and he only has himself to blame.