Temptation Island Season 5, Episode 9 Recap: Cheers To Growing Up

Temptation Island Recap
Brice Robinson and Vanessa Valente (Photo by: USA Network)

Temptation Island was a slow burner this week. It was time for the final dates, before original couples reunited at the final bonfire. While we said goodbye to five of the singles, eight enjoyed some alone time, and an overnight stay, with their potential partners. Here’s everything that happened, in our Temptation Island Season 5, Episode 9 recap.

Paris’ delusions continue

Temptation Island recap
Paris Pedro (Photo by: USA Network)

There’s something about Paris that makes for fantastic reality television. It’s probably the delusions. She says she hasn’t done anything wrong, so is confused by Great’s “f*ckboy behavior.” Paris then clarifies that she hasn’t had sex while taking part in the experiment. There’s your answer as to why she can’t make a relationship work! Returning from the penultimate bonfire, Tahjjic is steering clear. He wants to give her space. This angers Paris, and she randomly snaps at Sebastian. It’s a weird little outburst, for which Tahjjic says there is “no excuse.”

Meanwhile, Makayla calls Hall her “boyfriend” in confessional. The guys then give thanks to the single women for helping them on their journey. For now, it’s farewell to Tia, Tamie, and Abby. Great tells Tamie he’ll be in touch, and thankfully, it doesn’t seem like Nafeesah hears. That could’ve turned into some last minute drama. On the girls side, they get rid of Christian and Mike. They’ve actually been super sweet throughout. “It’s not a goodbye, it’s a seeya later,” Mike says. He’s too innocent for this show.

The final dates get underway

Temptation Island recap
Great Ezihie (Photo by: USA Network)

Great tells Nafeesah that he “always knew” it was her. He blames his trust issues for speaking to other women. It sounds nice, but after he told Tamie to wait for his call on the outside, can he be believed? Elsewhere, Roberto has Vanessa in his heart. He’s honest with Desiree, but she’s unsure. She also thinks he’s tried too many times to change Vanessa, and some people just aren’t compatible. Desi is speaking more sense than the two in the relationship, honestly.

Vanessa doesn’t want to say Rob should be worried, but admits “Bryce is coming with it.” Her heart and mind are telling her two different things. For me, if there’s any bit of doubt, there’s no relationship. You should be all into one another, at all times. The writing’s on the wall. Then there’s Kaitlin, who is finally free of Hall’s shackles. Sebastian has thrown her “for a loop,” as he’s actually interested in exploring their connection on the outside. I don’t believe him, but I’m glad Kaitlin is moving on.

Messy Hall can see something special with Makayla and yada yada yada. Same song, different day. After swimming with manta rays, he says he’s had “the best time of my life.” Grow up. That’s something teenagers say. Get your head out of your own ass, Hall, we beg.

Dinner dates

Temptation Island Recap
Makayla Halstead and Hall Toledano (Photo by: USA Network)

As night falls, dinner is served. Rob admits there’s still a “10% chance” he’ll leave with Vanessa. Desiree feels like she’s fighting for his attention against his girlfriend. Someone tell Sherlock Holmes he’s out of a job, Desi has cracked it! Marisela is having a much better experience with Kristian. He tells her he wants her to join him on his flight away from the island. He’s excited to see what they’d be like in the real world, away from the cameras.

Her ex, Christopher, is also enjoying his connection with Alexius. He was expecting to propose at the end of this experiment, so kept his guard up. Now, he says he’s happy Alexius broke the walls down, because she is an “amazing queen.” There may actually be a solid relationship forming here. Just so long as Chris’ possessive personality traits stay far away. Another person who thinks he’s found his “match,” is Tahjjic. He’s certainly changed his tune. He even seems to apologize for not running to check on Paris after the bonfire. As he comments on her dress, Paris asks if he’s going to take it off. They then retire to the bedroom, for what we can assume is some sexy time.

Kaitlin’s trust issues continue with Sebastian. “Are you a f*ckboy?” she asks him. He says he’s past that part of his life, and is open to a committed relationship. I STILL don’t believe him, but we’ll see. I’ve been proven wrong before. Rarely, but sometimes. “I have a lot to figure out,” says Kaitlin. Oh, and apparently, Makayla is “falling in love” with Hall. But who cares about those two at this point, right?

The next morning

Temptation Island Recap
Hall Toledano and Makayla Halstead (Photo by: USA Network)

Nafeesah wakes up in a giddy mood. She feels like she’s known Great for a long time, and wants to leave the island with him. “Life is actually very f*cking short,” she warns. Rob promises production he didn’t give into temptation. He and Desi didn’t have sex, because that would be the final nail in the coffin of his and Vanessa’s relationship. Is he seriously still considering leaving with her? They’re just not right for one another.

Sebastian admits “pillow talk and cuddles,” along with “other things” happened overnight in bed with Kaitlin. He’s being a gent, though, and won’t reveal what those “other things” are. Kaitlin’s now focused on herself, before final bonfire. She wants to give it to Hall, and I for one can’t wait to see it.

Then there’s Hall, who “feels natural” waking up next to Makayla. She doesn’t feel guilty anymore, but “mostly excited.” Did she ever feel guilty? Or was she just scared that she’s gonna look like a huge homewrecker? Probably the latter, as she’s still got some concerns her heart is gonna be broken. “Cheers to growing up,” they both say in bed. If only that was truly the case.

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