Temptation Season 5, Episode 11 Recap: Worst Love Story Ever

Temptation Island Recap
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The time has come for the Temptation Island Season 5 finale. It’s been a long and exhausting ride for most of the participants. Shoutout to Marisela, who simply lived her best life after finding her voice. With Vanessa and Rob’s bonfire still to conclude, and four other islanders yet to make their decision, let’s jump right in. Here’s what went down on Temptation Island Season 5, Episode 11.

Old Vanessa threatens to boil over

Temptation Island recap
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We left last week with the old Vanessa ready to kick Rob’s butt. She was rightfully upset that her man had shared a bed with another woman. It’s a move she found “so disrespectful,” and Rob actually agreed. He said he simply “got carried away in the moment.” Thankfully, old Vanessa is becoming less powerful. Someone’s taken away her Infinity Stones. She returned to her seat, and wanted some things clearing up. Had Rob seen Desiree nude, and had Desiree touched Rob’s weiner. He answered both with a confident “no.”

Vanessa then said she wanted to use this moment to show she had changed. But when she asked Rob if his relationship with Desi meant anything, she got fired up again. She wanted a clear answer, but Rob wanted to weave a lengthy tale. Mark advised he simply get to the point. “I don’t feel anything for Des,” Rob said. “I love you deeply.” When the two hugged it out, their decisions became clear.

“In any loving relationship, you’re gonna crush each other regularly,” Mark warned. “What matters is what comes after that.” I love this wise man.

Rob made his choice first, and it was Vanessa. “Every queen needs a king,” she replied. They’re the unexpected success story of the season. Let’s hope these good vibes continue on into reunion.

Paris and Great’s final bonfire

Temptation Island recap
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As Paris makes her way to the final bonfire, we see that she’s shaved her head. She looks incredible. Truly supermodel vibes. Great has also scrubbed up pretty well. They make a gorgeous couple – but unfortunately, that’s going to be a thing of their past.

Upon arriving, Great gets a chance to speak first. He knows he has “trust issues,” and has discovered it’s okay to be emotional through watching the other men in the villa. He’s happy with the place he’s in now, keeping his opening message short and sweet.

Paris does the same. She says she’s learned to forgive her father, and was forcing Great to commit to marriage and kids because of family expectations. She says in the future, she’ll take things slow.

Then, the floor opens up for questions. Paris wants to know if Great has had sex, and when he confirms he has, she wonders why he came to the island to prove he could be loyal. Great said what happened with Nafeesah was because of a genuine connection. Strangely, Paris thought Great had been spreading his seed all over the villa with multiple girls. He says that’s not true.

Great then asks about her comments made about sucking Tahjjic’s d*ck if cameras weren’t around. She’s defensive, and doesn’t really take responsibility. Instead, she turns it into a conversation about being happy with the new connection she’s made. Great says he’s happy for her, and she says she’s glad he didn’t beg her to leave with him, because the answer would’ve been a firm no.

Eventually, the two hug it out, but Paris says, “you don’t like that girl.” I really think Paris is still hung up on Great. But when Mark asks if there’s any chance of reconciliation, she’s first to say no. I don’t quite believe her.

In the end, Paris leaves with Tahjjic, and Great leaves with Nafeesah. I’m excited to get an update on those relationships at the reunion.

Kaitlin and Hall’s final bonfire

Temptation Island recap
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No man on Temptation Island has annoyed me more than Hall. His charisma is undeniable, as he had me fooled coming in. But he’s broken Kaitlin’s heart not once, but twice. At their final bonfire, it’s more of the same. “I’m not scared anymore,” Kaitlin says going in.

Hall starts off by saying Kaitlin means “the world” to him, and the eight years they spent together were the “most important” of his life. His truth is that he never wanted to marry her, as she’s never been his person, or soulmate. But he never wanted to hurt her. Twice.

Kaitlin’s grateful for the opportunity, as she would’ve “made the biggest mistake” marrying Hall. In Sebastian, she found someone so different, willing to be affectionate and romantic despite only knowing her for a short amount of time. “I’m just relieved,” she concludes. And, she doubles down on Hall being “selfish.” That sets him off.

Hall wants an explanation. “Do you know what selfish means?” he says with a patronizing tone. “What have you [ever] done for me?” he asks her. GROSS. She moved to Charleston for him, so he ‘apologizes’ for providing a townhouse for them to live in. Mark steps in to tell Hall to start being more honest.

Kaitlin lost herself on their journey, but has now found her light. Hall hears her on the “small things.” He’s happy she’s found “true happiness” within herself. “I don’t really know what you’ve done for me,” are some of his final words. What an ass.

In her final decision, Kaitlin chooses to leave alone and focus on herself. Hall, of course, wants Makayla on his lap. When Kaitlin leaves, Makayla arrives.

“I would love to leave the island with you,” she tells Hall. “I cannot believe I found this lady on this island,” he says. “Everything I wanted and desired literally happened,” Makayla adds. “I found the love of my life.” Someone pass me the sick bucket.

The Temptation Island Season 5 reunion airs August 30 on USA Network.