Temptation Island Season 5, Episode 10 Recap: Final Bonfires Get Underway

Temptation Island Recap
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With Temptation Island Season 5 close to reaching its dramatic conclusion, two couples have headed to their final bonfires. In Episode 10, we watched as Christopher and Marisela, and Roberto and Vanessa, got the chance to say everything that’s been on their mind throughout the experiment. Of course, nothing is simple in the world of reality TV. The episode ended on an explosive moment. Here’s everything that went down in Temptation Island Season 5, Episode 10.

The calm before the storm

Temptation Island recap
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Ahead of final bonfire, it was time for everybody to say their goodbyes. The singles would be sent away, while those who came to the island in a couple, would prepare to make their final decisions.

Kristian noted how “proud” he was of Marisela. She was finally standing up for herself. “I can’t continue to put myself second,” she said. “I’ll keep my bed warm for you,” he teased.

Meanwhile, Bryce was feeling “appreciative” of the time he’d spent with Vanessa. He loves spending time with her, and she gets butterflies when they’re together. “I don’t know where to go from here,” she admits.

As for their partners? Christopher wants to say “see you later” to Alexius, but is unsure he can commit to that before hearing Marisela out. For her part, Alexius is worried that Chris’ mind could be swayed.

Then there’s Rob and Desiree. He promises that he’ll hear what Vanessa has to say, and then follow his heart. Desi is grateful for the experience they’ve shared.

Not forgetting the others

Temptation Island recap
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Though their final bonfires won’t be shown until Episode 11, we do get to check in with Hall, Kaitlin, Great, and Paris.

Kaitlin doesn’t even want to go to the bonfire. She has no idea what she does, or what she’ll say. Sebastian jokes that he wouldn’t mind going on her behalf, so he could “kick his ass,” speaking about Hall of course.

Hall’s too busy to worry about getting his butt kicked, however. He’s declaring that he is “in love” with Makayla. She says it back, and they kiss. We all know how this is gonna end, but it doesn’t stop it all being a fascinating watch. Like when you slow down to look at a car wreckage.

Paris is sad to be leaving Tahjjic. “We’re gonna walk outta here together,” he envisions. He tells her that it’s time she made him her man. Tahjjic also promises “ain’t nothing gonna change” when it comes to his feelings for her.

Great is giving a similar talk to Nafeesah. She’s visibly emotional that the experience has come to a close. He wants her to “trust whatever decision I make.” That’s not exactly commitment from the guy, but it seems to be enough to keep Nafeesah happy.

Christopher and Marisela’s final bonfire

Temptation Island recap
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Going into the final bonfire, Christopher can see a future with Alexius. He came into this experience thinking he would be proposing to Marisela at the end of it. But that’s all changed. Marisela is “happy” when she’s with Kristian. The journey started out “dark” on Temptation Island, but she’s found her light. Deep down, she knew her “purpose” for coming to the island was “to break free.”

As the bonfire gets underway, Chris tells Marisela that their relationship lacked “emotional vulnerability.” He apologizes for his role in all of that. Chris claims to have been broken when he saw Kristian in Marisela’s bed, and now realizes what she felt like when they shared a similar experience outside of the experiment. At the end of it all, he still loves her, but feels she has now moved on.

Marisela says she came to the island expecting to prove she was good enough. She claims Chris took her voice from her, and she never felt up to his standards. Allowing herself to accept herself, flaws and all, has been freeing. She’s never felt this good, and is sorry he saw her in bed with another man. Marisela says they both contributed to a toxic relationship, but she loves him for helping her, and won’t forget it.

When it comes time to ask questions, Chris doesn’t have any. Marisela wants to know why he didn’t send a video message. He says he didn’t want to, because of the clip he’d seen of her with Kristian. She asks if that was before or after he made a comment about getting “hard” in a hammock with another woman. This catches him off guard entirely. He’s glad she’s found clarity, and will love her forever.

In the end, Chris wants to leave the island with Alexius. Marisela, however, is going to leave on her own. She wants to learn how to love herself completely before she can commit to another. Alexius agrees to leave Temptation Island with Chris, and their journey comes to a close.

Roberto and Vanessa’s final bonfire

Temptation Island recap
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Vanessa lights up with excitement when she sees Rob. He, however, looks nervous. Rob needs to see change from the woman he walked in with, to now.

He tells Vanessa that while she constantly strives for the best, and pushes him to do the same, that can be draining. Rob thinks Vanessa treats the relationship like a “business” at times, and she constantly talks over him. He hates heated confrontations, and would prefer a debate, but takes the blame when he knows he’s not actually in the wrong. Rob questions if Vanessa could find another man like him, and when he struggles to reach the end of his thoughts, Vanessa is there for him. He admits his own flaws, and says the biggest one was expressing himself. He has, however, now learned to do that efficiently.

As Vanessa’s time to speak comes around, she thanks Rob for his honesty. She says she is “proud” of the journey he’s been on, and explains that her relationship with Bryce was to serve a purpose. She was “devastated” to see Rob getting intimate with another woman, but stuck to her guns and refused to do the same. Vanessa recognizes a need to work on her approach, and got similar feedback from her fellow islanders. Now, she’s ready to be a better woman.

The good feelings don’t last too long, however, as the floor is opened for questions. When Rob admits he shared a bed with Desiree, Vanessa blows up. The old V is back, shouting at the top of her lungs. And that’s where we’ll pick up when Temptation Island returns next week.

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