Love Is Blind
(Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images for Netflix)

Netflix Announces Love Is Blind Video Game

Love is Blind fans have several reasons to celebrate as a ton of news about the Netflix reality dating show just dropped, with much to look forward to in the coming month. Are you ready to see what happened to your Season 4 faves, prepared to dive into Season 5? And most importantly, are you ready for your own Love is Blind experience?

That’s right! Ahead of the show’s new season, Netflix announced a brand new interactive video game called Netflix Stories: Love is Blind, which brings viewers directly into the show itself. With the success of the series, it’s no wonder the streaming platform is branching out into new media platforms and allowing fans a fun way to enjoy the upcoming season. While they watch new couples find love on their screen, they can also participate in the social experiment. Kinda.

Game on! Can you find love in the pods?

Netflix Stories: Love is Blind was announced via a game trailer highlighting simulated gameplay and showing you how you can have your own Love is Blind experience. First, you create your customized participant, choosing from various looks, hairstyles, and fashion. Once you’ve completed your avatar, you take your character into the pods and discover if love really is blind.

Like in the show, you talk to several participants, and once you have had ample conversations and gotten to know each other, you’ll slowly decide who you want to get to know more and who just isn’t clicking for you. Eventually, you choose who you’d like to meet face-to-face.

And that’s not all! Netflix also showed how the game proceeds once you leave the pods. Like a choose-your-own-adventure game, players can explore multiple storylines and take their characters through scenarios that play out in fun and unique ways. As you navigate the journey post-pod, you’ll find out if your character makes it down the aisle to “I do,” or leaves the relationship early. It’s all up to you!

After the Altar and a brand-new season

Netflix is doubling down on its popular series. The launch of the Love is Blind game coincides with tons of exciting new content scheduled this coming September.

On September 1, the network is dropping the Love is Blind: After the Altar special that brings back fan favorites from Season 4 and gives viewers a peek into how they are faring one year later. Are Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell Brown still blissfully in love? Did Paul Peden reconnect with Micah Lussier after leaving her at the altar? You’ll see all that and more based on a trailer promising a lot of tension!

Then after the special, the game is set to launch on September 19, right before the launch of Season 5 on September 22. It’s going to be a busy September indeed for Love Is Blind fans, and we can’t wait to see all the drama unfold as new couples form, split, and reconnect in the new season, made even more exciting by the launch of the mobile game.

Netflix Stories: launches on September 19 through the App and Google Play Store. Love is Blind Season 5 premieres on September 22 on Netflix.