Everything We Know About Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

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Now that The Bachelorette Season 20 has wrapped up, it is officially time to look forward to Bachelor In Paradise! During the live finale of Charity Lawson‘s season, the first exclusive trailer for Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 dropped, and it looks dramatic as ever! From steamy new couples and romances to chaotic fights on the beach, here is everything we now know about Bachelor In Paradise Season 9.

When Will BIP Season 9 Air?


Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 will officially kick off on Thursday September 28, at 9/8c. It will immediately follow the season premiere of The Golden Bachelor, which is set to air one hour beforehand. This deviates from the normal Bachelor In Paradise schedule, which typically sees two one-hour episodes on Monday and Tuesday nights. If Season 9 stays on a once a week schedule, the season will likely not end until late November or possibly even early December.

Who Makes Up The BIP Season 9 Cast?

Brayden Bowers/Instagram

The BIP Season 9 trailer revealed a lot about the upcoming season’s cast, and viewers will not be disappointed! The first two cast members who were officially revealed were Kat Izzo and Brayden Bowers, during a sneak peak at the Men’s Tell All. Kat made it to the final five on The Bachelor Season 27, whereas Brayden was recently a controversial contestant on Charity’s season.

The preview also revealed that for the first time ever, four former Bachelorette leads will be making an appearance in Paradise. The first is Rachel Recchia, who is definitely on the beach in hopes of finding love. Katie Thurston is also seen in the preview, and her ex, Blake Moynes, will also be on the beach. Finally, Charity and Hannah Brown are also seen taking the trip down to Mexico. However, they likely won’t join the cast, as both women are taken.

The trailer teased many other contestants who will be appearing on Season 9 at some point. Several men from Charity’s season, apart from Brayden, were shown in the trailer, including Aaron Bryant, John Henry Spurlock, and Tanner Courtad. Furthermore, multiple women from Zach Shallcross‘ season of The Bachelor, other than Kat, will also be present, including Jess Girod, Kylee Russell, Cat Wong, Brooklyn Willie, and Greer Blitzer.

In terms of older seasons, the trailer teased Aven Jones, Tyler Norris, and Jordan Vandergriff from The Bachelorette Season 19 making appearances on the beach. Eliza Isichei and Sam Jeffries from The Bachelor Season 26 were also shown in the trailer, as well as Will Urena from The Bachelorette Season 18.

What Drama Is Teased In The BIP Season 9 Trailer?


The Bachelor In Paradise Season 9 trailer teased so much drama, that it’s hard to keep track of it all! One of the biggest surprises was the reunion of Rachel and Jordan, whom she sent packing on her season after a one-on-one date. Rachel tells Jordan that “everything happens for a reason,” and explains that she feels this could be a second chance for them. Everything seem to be going well for the pair in Paradise, who are also shown sharing a passionate kiss.

However, since it is Paradise, it’s not a surprise that Rachel was also shown on a date with another man. Rachel’s second love interest on the beach is none other than Brayden, who we know also has his eye on Kat. In the trailer, Rachel and Kat are both shown shedding tears, so it will be interesting to see how those storylines play out.

Another couple the trailer reveals is Aaron and Eliza, and even shows the former telling the latter that he is falling in love with her. However, later on in the clip, Eliza says that she can’t trust someone, who is implied to be Aaron.

Katie’s entrance on the beach appears to be another point of contention, as Blake is shown rather shaken up after seeing her for the first time since their split. Blake is also shown sitting next to Jess, who looks angry when Katie pulls him aside, suggesting that there may be something between them as well.