Controversial Big Brother Houseguests Who Were Removed

Luke Valentine
(Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images)

On the Thursday, August 10 episode of Big Brother, houseguest Luke Valentine was removed from the game for using a racial slur. CBS released a statement following Luke’s exit, explaining their reasoning for removing the player prematurely. “Luke violated the Big Brother code of conduct and there is zero tolerance in the house for using a racial slur,” the network said in a statement, Deadline reported.

Luke is not the first player to be expelled from the game. Over the years, houseguests have been removed for various reasons, including physical violence and using threatening language. In light of recent events, let’s take a look back at all the controversial Big Brother houseguests who were ejected.

Justin Sebik (Season 2)


Justin Sebik‘s elimination in Big Brother 2 was maybe the scariest moment in the reality show’s history. The Bartender was known for being a bit of a wild card but after he pulled out a kitchen knife during a conversation with houseguest Krista Stegall, producers were forced to intervene.

Host Julie Chen Moonves explained the situation to viewers, revealing that Justin held the knife to Krista’s throat several times and asked, “Seriously, would you be mad if I killed you?” The controversial Big Brother houseguest was expelled from the game following the incident.

Scott Weintraub (Season 4)

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Scott Weintraub was one of the Season 4 houseguests impacted by the X-Factor twist. Scott’s ex-fiancé, Amanda Craig, entered the house as part of the twist. However, the Chicago native didn’t handle it too well.

Scott’s behavior started to change after his attempt to get back together with his ex was unsuccessful. He seemed to become fixated with Amanda, which came to a head when she was put up for nomination in episode 4. Scott had a full-on meltdown. He threw furniture around the house in an attempt to “blow off steam,” which frightened the other houseguests. He tried to reconcile the situation by holding a house meeting, but it was too late. Scott was removed from the game shortly after the blowup.

Chima Simone (Season 11)

Big Brother Loop/YouTube

Chima Simone‘s exit was…kind of iconic. Prior to her expulsion, the freelance journalist wasn’t exactly a producer darling, as she had ignored several requests to go to the Diary Room. But Chima kicked the rebellion into full gear after her close ally, Jessie Godderz, was evicted from the game.

She removed her microphone while practicing for an upcoming Veto competition and ignored several requests from production and other cast members to put it back on. After she threw her mic in the hot tub, the California native was called to the Diary Room. She refused to go. Eventually, production had enough. Executive producer Allison Grodner personally called Chima to the Diary Room where she was removed from the game.

Willie Hantz (Season 14)

Freddy Guevara/YouTube

When the Big Brother 14 cast discovered Willie Hantz was the brother of Survivor supervillain Russell Hantz, they suspected he might cause trouble in the house. However, the player proved to be more unpredictable than expected when he got into a physical altercation with Joe Arvin, the Indiana-based chef.

Willie shoved Joe during an argument, which forced production to get involved. The Texas native was called to the Diary Room and subsequently removed from the house.

Luke Valentine (Season 25)

Luke Valentine/Twitter

Luke is the most recent houseguest to be ejected from the game. The former houseguest broke his silence following his premature departure in a video posted to his social media.

“Hey, guys, just letting you know I’m alive, I’ve arrived, and you gotta keep the flames stoked until next time,” he told his followers. “We can’t burn out—no, no, no, the fires of love will continue to burn, baby.” The controversial Big Brother houseguest then thanked fans for their support but did not directly address the situation that led to his ejection from the game.

“Thank you for all the memes. Thank you for the support, all the kind words,” he said in the video.