Below Deck Cast Members Who Have Shown the Most Growth

Kate Chastain
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Bravo‘s Below Deck series has forever altered the lives of many yachties within the industry. Plucked from obscurity, each season’s crew members walk onboard their temporary homes, ready to work hard and play hard. These yachts are slightly different than their prior ships, however, as cameras occupy every possible space within each vessel.

These cameras pick up literally everything, from the good to the bad. Once the season ends and the editing process has been completed, the series airs, showing viewers who each yachtie is…or, isn’t. Based then on their likability, some of these crew members are asked back to film a second season. In even rarer instances, some have remained within the franchise for years.

As for a few of these long-standing personalities, they all have something in common—they’ve aged like a charter guest’s fine wine. In a world that places a high emphasis on appearances, please note that I’m not speaking primarily on someone’s looks. By aging well, I mean that these crew members have shown some form of growth since their first showings. Whether this growth is physical, emotional, and/or career-based, these are the best Below Deck cast member glow ups thus far.

Aesha Scott Then

Aesha Scott/Instagram

Aesha Scott was first seen on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4. Here, she worked underneath Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier as a second stew. She was crass in a way that was new to the Below Deck series. Meaning, her words were meant as zero harm to others, they were instead just raw, hot-takes from how she herself saw and thought about life.

Aesha was unfiltered, yet worked hard. She earned the respect of her department head quickly, but some viewers were left with divided reactions. Many saw Aesha’s humor as being a bit too much, while others loved and appreciated her candor.

Aesha Scott Now

Aesha Scott/Instagram

Following Aesha’s first season, she appeared again midway through Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5. By this point, viewers began to grow accustomed to her humor, even softening a bit when she revealed that she was a victim of sexual assault. Currently, Aesha is the Chief Stew on Below Deck Down Under, where she has now lead for two seasons.

Following her new role as a department head, viewers are no longer torn on their feelings towards Aesha. Thankfully, her humor is still in-tact, though her leadership skills have only heightened. In addition, Aesha’s heart of gold is now clearly seen, as viewers watched her love and protect her crew following two sexual assault instances on Below Deck Down Under Season 2.

Aesha has truly grown on the viewers, and is now one of the best Chief Stews within this entire franchise. For her professional growth, wisdom and heart, Aesha’s Below Deck glow up is the best on this list. This is our “compliment sandwich, coming right up,” to you, Aesha.

Hannah Ferrier Then

Hannah Ferrier/Instagram

Hannah was a Chief Stew on Below Deck Mediterranean’s very first season. At first, many viewers felt that Hannah was lazy. She got the job done, always, but the cameras often focused on her dislikes of others, alongside her hatred of tablescapes. When comparing her first showing to that of the original series Chief Stew, Kate Chastain, Hannah came up short.

Hannah was brought back all the way through Season 5. In Season 4, her entire interior department became like a closely-knit family. Watching Hannah finally feel comfortable with her team was like a breath of fresh air. Throughout her showings, Hannah’s battles with anxiety and depression were seen, as where her constant clashes with Captain Sandy Yawn.

Midway through Season 5, Captain Sandy fired Hannah, following a prescription-filled bottle of Valium alongside a CBD pen being found in Hannah’s belongings.

Hannah Ferrier Now

Hannah Ferrier/Instagram

Hannah’s time within the Below Deck franchise was always hit or miss. Personally, we liked her, but overall, we couldn’t be happier that she has left the series. The reason why is because she never truly thrived underneath Captain Sandy, but currently, Hannah is living her best life.

Since her controversial firing, Hannah has gotten married and welcomed an adorable daughter into her family. She has also starred on other series. These new gigs include The Real Love Boat Australia and The Traitors Australia. Hannah’s Below Deck glow up occurred post-filming, but it’s just so great that we couldn’t not include her on this list.

Kate Chastain Then

Kate Chastain/Instagram

When Kate first appeared as the Chief Stew on Below Deck Season 2, her signature snark, sense of style, and high work ethics helped to turn the sinking new series around. In fact, when Captain Lee Rosbach first met Kate, he commented that she looked like a charter guest.

Kate has always held an air of sophistication, somehow even managing to look put together just by placing a pen through her bunched up wet morning hair. That said, while some viewers found Kate’s style and wit charming, others thought that she was simply too mean. After a toxic Season 7, where Kate battled it out with misogynistic males, she sadly left the series.

Kate Chastain Now

Kate Chastain/Instagram

While Captain Lee mentioned Kate’s resemblance to a charter guest back back in Season 2, her appearances since leaving the series have only cemented his long-ago take. Recently seen on The Traitors, Kate’s style was unmatched. Thankfully, her snark, wit, and ability to read others for filth was also seen.

Like Hannah, Kate has also added to her family post filming. Sullivan Cay was born just 4 months ago, and Kate is already back to work, filming a new series named Couch Talk alongside Captain Lee. For her continued work ethics, and her ever-evolving high sense of style, Kate’s Below Deck glow up has definitely been a fun one to behold, both during and after her time spent on the series.