Why Culver Should Have Been Fired and Not Adam on Below Deck Down Under

Culver Below Deck
(Photo by: Mark Rogers/Bravo via Getty Images)

If you’re convinced Captain Jason Chambers fired the wrong deckie on Below Deck Down Under, you’re in the right place. On a recent episode of the nautical show, fans said goodbye to Adam Kodra. Culver Bradbury slid by through by the skin of his teeth. Culver is sometimes fun, good-looking, and always up for a laugh. But it still feels as if he should have been the one to walk the plank. Below are a few reasons we believe the captain got it totally wrong. 

Culver Is Lazy

Culver Bradbury/Instagram

Whether it is the producers messing with viewers or the fact that Culver is actually a bit slothful, the Maryland native is coming across as extremely hands-off when it comes to earning his paycheck. In all honesty, he’s probably eating the yacht out of house and home, with the way Chefy sneaks him food.

A recent episode showed Culver groaning over a direct order from Captain Jason. He acted as if the idea of hands-on work was beneath him. However, if Culver isn’t pulling his weight, why haven’t the other deckhands called him out on such behavior? 

Protein Freakout 

Culver Bradbury/Instagram

Culver is often seen sneaking through the galley with mouthfuls of food like a chipmunk hoarding for winter. At least once an episode, Culver is captured eating in the crew mess or taking longer breaks in hopes of a five-course meal.

It hasn’t help his cause that he recently had a meal replacement tantrum over being unable to find his shaker and mix his drink fast enough before he was expected to be back at work. The job of a deckhand is demanding. Surely, if you were so worried about your protein hit, you should be working at a gym. 

Culver Has Messed Up Too

Culver Bradbury/Instagram

Adam very well could have been salvaged, even though he was at fault for the dangerous anchor drop. The Brooklyn native was learning and taking accountability for things he didn’t know. João Franco was willing and able to take Adam under his wing.

On the flip side, Culver literally answers to no one. Anytime João calls him out on a lackluster job or lack of initiative, Culver flips out, reverting to a three-year-old. While trying to lift the tender back into the yacht, Culver was the one behind the motor gears, which resulted in flattening Captain Jason onto his ass.

That, too, was a dangerous situation, since he had the settings on high. Not only did it cause damage to the boat, but Culver is supposed to be the one with experience, so there’s no excuse. 

Culver Mingles 

Culver Bradbury/Instagram

Some fans think Culver should have been fired ages ago because he has a knack for believing he’s a guest during some charters. A few times, Culver has acted as if he was a charter guest. He recently carried a porn star on his shoulders. Even though Culver is a sweet piece of eye candy, there is a time and place for activities like chicken fights, such as frat pool parties, not luxury charters. It is easy to mingle, but partaking in physical labor, not so much. 

Culver does have a way with the guests. There’s no denying that he is always willing to interact with them in the name of large tips. However, he lacks a sense of professionalism. The simple fact that when Captain Jason asked Culver to stand in as Bosun, resulting in a lackluster job, says it all. Culver couldn’t hand out clear instructions and again took advantage of his position by sneaking off for extra breaks.

Like many Greek Gods before him, Achilles and his heel, Narcissus and his reflection, it seems Culver is a bit out of his league. João’s words certainly ring true, “Culver can’t fu*k up because he doesn’t do anything.”