Love Is Blind
Photo by: Netflix

Love Is Blind Season 5 Cast Revealed: Meet the Singles

Netflix managed to hit a home run when Love Is Blind first came out. The streaming service staked its claim as a definite competitor when it came to original reality TV content. They’ve tried to recapture lightning in a bottle since but to varying degrees of success. However, the Love Is Blind Season 5 cast may be just what the network needs.

Meet the new Love Is Blind contestants!

Netflix made the announcement via Instagram, showcasing the cast in an interview setting. In response to the question “Why are you still single?” 30-year-old HR specialist, Maris, said, “I have a mouth on me and I don’t apologize about it.” Meanwhile, Josh, the 32-year-old sales rep said, “I tend to pick people that don’t fit me and try to mold myself into a person for them.”

A stylist, Paige, 32, said, “I have great taste and I just haven’t found the right person yet … A lie.”  And an ICU travel nurse, Aaliyah, 29, responded, “My parents would just say, ‘You need to sit your ass down somewhere so that you could actually fall in love with somebody!’” 32-year-old veterinarian, Renee, said, “Either I can date the mailman or the pool guy, or I gotta get out of the house.”

How annoying is the new Love Is Blind cast?

The next question was “What’s one thing that could annoy your partner?” Estafania, 30, a dance teacher, said, “I’m pretty perfect. No, I’m kidding.” Justice, a 28-year-old personal trainer, said, “Sometimes I can be a bit low in emotional intelligence.” Similarly, Uche, a 34-year-old lawyer/entrepreneur said, “I’m very blunt. My mouth has no filter.”

Efrain, 27, who works in software sales, said, “I think I’m always right. A majority of the time, I usually am.” A 32-year-old flight attendant, Shondra, said, “I use my hands when I talk.” Stacy, 34, a director of operations, said, “I burp a lot. Like, truck driver belch.” 28-year-old Chris, a project manager, said, “My diet is really bad … I just eat fast food a lot.”

Connor the geoscientist, 31, said, “I can be directionally challenged. Which is ironic, because I’m a geologist.” 32-year-old scientist, Miriam, said, “I take forever to get ready.” Taylor, a 26-year-old teacher, said with a laugh, “I go number two with the hair dryer on.”

Are they ready to sacrifice?

The next question was, “What are you not willing to sacrifice for love?” Robert, a 30-year-old special education teacher, said, “My alone time.” Real. Carter, 30, who works in construction said, “My weekends. I go fishing with the boys. You’re welcome to join us.”

27-year-old marketing manager, Erica, said, “If you don’t like to go to brunch … it’s not going to work!” Lydia, a 32-year-old geologist said, “If you lie to me, we’re done.” How original. Izzy, 31, who works in sales, responded, “Eating my own full-ass pizza.” But he said he would spare a bite.

What are the Love Is Blind newbies looking for?

Lastly was the question “What are you looking for in a partner?” Milton, a 25-year-old petroleum engineer, said, “Goal-oriented. In either a career or a passion they have.” A 25-year-old minister, Mayra, said, “Someone who will be able to support just who I am. As well as be an encouragement.”

“Fun-loving, caring, nice, and kind,” said Jared “JP,” a 32-year-old firefighter. Linda, a 32-year-old talent acquisition recruiter, said, “Someone who will treat me like [a] queen … because he’s going to get that.” A 27-year-old financial advisor, Enoch, said, “A partner that brings me peace. Who helps me mellow out.”

A university director, Jarred, 34, wanted “Somebody who’s going to be able to go hike up a mountain with me.” 32-year-old Johnie, a lawyer, said, “Both responsible and intelligent, but also someone who has a sense of humor.” And lastly, Ernesto, 32, a supply chain manager, said, “A definite soulmate.”

Love Is Blind Season 5 starts on September 22, streaming on Netflix.