The Tackiest Below Deck Charter Guests

(Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube)

The Below Deck franchise would not be what it is without its charter guests, although the show has really seen some interesting ones over the years. Charter guests have near complete control over their yachting experience, choosing everything from food to activities to party themes.

While some guests really made the most out of the once in a lifetime experience, others have had just awful taste. Not only do these guests choose unappealing themes or activities, but they have also acted incredibly inappropriate at times. Keep reading for our take on the absolute tackiest Below Deck charter guest requests.

The Charter Guest Who Requested A Foam Party


Arguably, one of the worst themes in Below Deck history was the foam party at the beginning of Season 3. The first primary charter guest of the season requested a foam party, in which the crew filled the bottom of the deck with as much foam as possible. The guest proclaimed he wanted to be “neck deep” in foam, although this was not possible due to windy weather.

The entire foam party was just cringe to watch, especially because none of the guests other than the primary charter guest were interested in participating. As a result, the Stews had to step in and party with him, since he claimed the party was his dream. Foam is a terrible theme for any party, but especially for one outside on a windy night on the water.

The Charter Guests That Fought Over James Hough at the Neon Party


The first charter guests of Below Deck Season 8 were also a tacky group, in terms of both taste and behavior. The group opted for a neon themed party, which had potential but was executed rather poorly. Many of the guests actually dressed in neon wore the same yellow color, while some merely opted for a bit of neon face paint. A true neon party would have featured a wide array of bright colors everywhere, including pinks, greens, and oranges.

What really labeled these charter guests as tacky, however, was the way they acted regarding Deckhand James Hough. Two of the guests got into an argument after one claimed that the other purposely went on a jet ski with James, while knowing that she was also into him. A ridiculous altercation followed, which was pointless considering that James was a crew member and was in no way interested in either of the guests.

The Charter Guest Who Could Not Get His Own Drink


One of the worst groups of Below Deck charter guests was featured on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1, and they acted trashy from the moment they stepped onboard. The charter guests jumped straight into drinking, and a few of the guests became intoxicated to the point that they needed to return to their cabins.

The main problem with this group of guests, however, was one particular guest who complained when the Stews were escorting his drunk friends back to their rooms. He complained that he now had to get himself his own drink, since the Stews were not available to get one for him. Sometimes tackiness is not about your taste or opinion, but simply about the way that you act, as this Below Deck guest proved.

The Gumball Obsessed Charter Guests


Finally, we could not write an article about the tackiest Below Deck guests without including the gumball obsessed group from Below Deck Mediterranean Season 3. These guests filled out a ridiculous preference sheet, in which they made it very clear that their main priority was having gumballs readily available onboard at all times. They even said everything else was optional, although gumballs were a necessity.

The guests took it a step further when they complained to 2nd Stew Brooke Laughton about all of the gumballs being white, and demanded that she find some colored ones. While Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier was eventually able to find some, these requests from the guests were just downright ridiculous. One guest even mentioned that she considered specifying the colors she would like on the preference sheet, but ultimately chose not to do so.

While Below Deck has seen plenty of ridiculous guests, these groups of charter guests stood out as even more bizarre than the rest. From their bad taste in party themes and snacks to their uncalled for behavior, it is hard to get much worse than these guests.