Love Is Blind
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Love Is Blind Season 5: Taylor Reacts to JP Calling Her ‘Fake’ for Wearing Makeup

Warning: spoilers will follow. Love Is Blind has returned with all the drama fans know and love. One of the most shocking moments from Season 5’s first batch of episodes was between Taylor Rue and Jared “JP” Pierce. The two hit it off in the pods with a romantic engagement, but something wasn’t right in person.

JP blamed Taylor’s appearance for the supposed awkwardness between them. During their Mexican getaway, the two chatted in bed, Taylor with no makeup. JP said things would’ve been better if she’d looked like that when they first met.

Taylor was rightfully shocked, wanting to make sure she understood him correctly. JP said, “It felt like you were fake.” The two talked a bit more, but as JP maintained his stance, Taylor decided she was “done” and elected to sleep in another room.

Taylor “felt broken down” and “heartbroken”

Taylor recently spoke with Page Six about everything that happened between her and JP. “It was hard. I felt broken down. I felt heartbroken,” she said regarding JP’s hurtful comments. “I did not know what to do. I didn’t know how to handle it.

Reflecting on how everything went down, Taylor said, “It was super off-putting because I wasn’t expecting that at all. Like, we went on this show to fall in love, based on our emotional connection, and we had made that strong, emotional connection.”

She continued, “For it to be, like, totally thrown out the window in Mexico due to my makeup, I was at a loss for words. I was like, ‘I don’t understand what’s going on.’” Taylor also revealed that JP reached out after their time on the show. “So right after Mexico, he reached out to me and I just wasn’t ready to talk to him. I needed to, like, heal myself and be alone.”

She went on, “Then a couple of months back, I had reached out to him and we texted for a bit. The conversation was good, but our timing just didn’t work out, so we never actually met up.”

When asked what she might do differently, knowing everything she knew after the fact, she said, “I feel like I handled everything pretty well … I would probably just tell myself, ‘Stay true to who you are.’ Like, just because you care about somebody doesn’t mean you stay.”

Love Is Blind Season 5 is streaming on Netflix with new episodes coming out October 6.