Tamra Judge, Jennifer Pedranti
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Jennifer Pedranti Reveals How Tamra Judge Treated Her Off-Camera at RHOC Reunion

Jennifer Pedranti and Tamra Judge have thrown in the napkin on their friendship! During Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17 reunion last week, we watched them call each other “pieces of shit” and “cheaters.” They squabbled over Ryan Boyajian’s d*ck pic and whether he did Jenn dirtier than she already knew.

Judging from Jenn’s recent calling out of Tamra, we aren’t going to see anything between them get resolved in Part 2 this week. Jenn took to her Instagram Stories several times and called out Tammy Sue for being nice to her backstage at the reunion before targeting her while on-camera and later bad-mouthing her on social media.

Jenn implied Tamra acted differently on-camera and off at the reunion taping

Courtesy of @jennifer.pedranti via Instagram Stories

Shots were fired after Part 1 when Tamra replied to a fan tweet to assert that she and Jenn haven’t been friends for a while and she didn’t bring her on the show. She twisted the knife further when she agreed with the fan that if she was going to bring anyone on the show, she would’ve brought Vicki Gunvalson back full time.

Jenn got right to work replying to Tamra, and then posted her reply on her own Instagram Story. She says Tamra’s public antics are phony, because she gave Jenn a friendly butt pinch and was apologetic. She says Tamra wanted to work on reconciling when they were backstage during reunion filming. Jenn added above her screenshot that she’s done with the BS. She’s ready for Tammy to just get out of her life for good.

Courtesy of @jennifer.pedranti Instagram Story

Jennifer wasn’t done. She also demanded that Tamra delete the much-discussed pic of Ryan’s “hot dog” off of her phone.

Courtesy of @jennifer.pedranti Instagram Story

This continuing feud is a good sign that rookie Jenn will get a crack at a second season. That also means Tamra probably won’t be going back “on pause.” Part 2 of the RHOC reunion airs this Wednesday night at 8/7c on Bravo.