Tiffany Pollard
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

House of Villains: Tiffany Pollard on Being a ‘Sexy and Sleek’ Villain

Tiffany “New York” Pollard is inarguably one of reality TV’s most villainous pioneers. Debuting on Flavor of Love back in 2006, she became the blueprint. Periodt! (Flavor of) love her or hate her, you know I’m right.

Now almost two decades later, she’s bringing her iconic personality back to TV in E!’s House of Villains. And of course, getting her villain on. Which is something she’s totally fine with.

Tiffany recently told ET of being labeled a baddie, “It’s as sexy and as sleek as [castmate] Corinne [Olympios] described it.” She then noted that villains are “hot.” Amen to that.

Embracing her true self

The 41-year old explained, “You can play with it, do what you will with it, you can rub a dub dub it, make it more moist or you can be hard and stand in it solidly. But, like Corinne said, she embraced it, and we all have to because these are the biggest [reality TV] villains in America if not the world.” Rub a dub dub it! Will Miss New York ever stop delivering us new catchphrases? Spoiler alert: no.

A house united

As for House of Villains itself, Tiffany seems to have made herself right at home. She shared, “I hope that people can see how much we have in common as villains. One of the things that I really loved [was] just walking about the mansion, seeing personal objects from the other villains, whether it be a picture of a loved one or hearing about dogs or things like that.”

The Queen of Mean concluded, “We’re not so bad – there’s a heart there. We can all bring that [villainy] and dish it when it needs to be, but at the same time, if you needed a hug, you can go and get a hug from this one or that one.” We love to see it.

House of Villains premieres Thursday, October 12th at 10/9c on E!.