The Best and Worst Deckhands From the Below Deck Franchise

Kyle Dickard Below Deck
Chris Haston/Bravo via Getty Images

The Below Deck franchise has done an excellent job introducing viewers to the yachting industry, including those who are known as deckhands. The deckhands serve on the yacht’s exterior team. They work to maintain the ship while cleaning the outside area as well. Many deckhands also lead guests on charter activities, particularly those that are sporty and active. While Below Deck has seen many great deckhands, the franchise has also had it’s fair share of deckhands who dropped the ball.

Connie Arias – Best

Connie Arias/Instagram

Female deckhands are a rare occurrence, so it was nice to see Connie Arias do an amazing job in the position during Below Deck Season 3. Connie’s work ethic was flawless, and she was an amazing team player all season.

Connie excelled not only when it came to her work as a deckhand, but also with her friendships with the rest of the crew. Connie even impressed Captain Lee Rosbach, which Below Deck fans know is no easy task!

Harry Van Vliet – Best

Harry Van Vliet/Instagram

Harry Van Vliet was a fan favorite on the recent Below Deck Down Under Season 2, where he was an amazing deckhand as well as a friend. It was evident from the beginning that Harry was experienced in the yachting industry. He was a solid crew member during a difficult season for the exterior crew.

Apart from his deckhand duties, Harry was a great friend to the rest of the crew, and went out of his way to be there for his fellow crew members in need.

Ashton Pienaar – Best

Ashton Pienaar/Instagram

Ashton Pienaar was a deckhand on Below Deck Seasons 6 and 7, and he did an excellent job in the position. He was one of several deckhands that was eventually promoted to Bosun, showing how great his work ethic truly was.

Furthermore, Ashton always had a good attitude when things went wrong, while many other deckhands have had a tendency to get frustrated more easily.

Rhylee Gerber – Worst

Rhylee Gerber/Instagram

Rhylee Gerber was a deckhand during Below Deck Seasons 6 and 7, where she unfortunately brought more drama than help. While Rhylee was not terrible at being at a deckhand, her bad attitude ultimately led to her downfall onboard.

One of Rhylee’s worst traits was forcing her fellow crew members to take sides during arguments, which just made everyone really uncomfortable.

Trevor Walker – Worst


Trevor Walker is arguably another one of the worst deckhands in Below Deck history, as he was extremely unprofessional with guests as well as the crew. Trevor was not the Bosun but often acted as he was in charge, which he certainly was not.

In addition to his poor teamwork, Trevor was flat out rude to the rest of the crew, especially his fellow deckhands. Since Trevor did not add much to the team, it was no surprise to fans when Captain Lee decided to fire him.

James Hough – Worst

James Hough/Instagram

James Hough worked as a deckhand on Below Deck Season 8, where he quickly became controversial. The main problem with James was that he was simply too much of a flirt, and put talking to women before his duties as a deckhand.

While many deckhands became involved in boatmances, James just took things way too far. James never failed to cause chaos onboard, and even caused two charter guests to get into a fight over him at one point!

Kyle Dickard – Worst


Kyle Dickard being one of the worst Below Deck deckhands is probably one of the few things all viewers can agree on. From the moment he was introduced on Below Deck Adventure, Kyle was nothing but trouble. Kyle began the season on a poor note when he flirted with another crew member in front of charter guests, which is extremely inappropriate.

To make things even worse, Kyle treated his fellow deckhand Nathan Morley poorly, and even used racial slurs when speaking to him. After things got too far, Kyle was ultimately fired only three episodes in. Below Deck fans were happy to see Kyle get fired so early on, as that kind of behavior is absolutely never acceptable.