Bachelor in Paradise Couples We Already Can’t Stand

Aven Jones Kylee Bachelor in Paradise
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Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 is off to as dramatic of a start as ever, and we are loving it! After the first rose ceremony, there are currently eight official couples on the beach. While some of these couples seem genuine and compatible, others are just frustrating to watch. These four Bachelor in Paradise couples are particularly bad, and their chances of lasting much longer do not seem high.

Aven and Kylee

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Aven Jones and Kylee Russell are one of the most exclusive couples on the beach, but also one of the most annoying. From the moment she was introduced, Kylee made it abundantly clear that her main goal in Paradise was to meet Aven. The two already had a budding connection, after Aven sent Kylee a fire emoji on one of her Instagram photos. This on it’s own defeats the whole point of Bachelor in Paradise, as everyone is supposed to be open and start on a clean slate.

When Kylee realized that Aven would not be a day one arrival, she instead chose to go on a date with Will Urena. Kylee acted interested in Will until Aven walked down the steps, and after that he was toast. It’s already hard to root for Aven and Kylee, as they just come off kinda phony. Aven and Kylee took up a lot of screen time during the first two episodes, so we are ready for some other couples to get the attention!

Will and Mercedes

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Speaking of Will, his current relationship is not much more entertaining than Aven and Kylee’s. Prior to his date with Kylee, Will flirted with Olivia Lewis, who took his interests seriously. Olivia was disappointed when Will accepted Kylee’s date, but eventually moved on. However, Will ultimately offered his rose to Mercedes Northup, who sparked up a conversation with him shortly before the rose ceremony.

While there is nothing wrong with Mercedes, Will just comes off inauthentic at this point. Will went through three women before the first rose ceremony, which should be some kind of Paradise record! It also can’t help but feel like Mercedes may have used Will for a rose, as she did not have any other connections. Between all of this, Will and Mercedes are not a couple we are excited to see much more of.

Olivia and Peter

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Olivia and Peter Cappio were the most surprising couple to form, and also one of the most last minute. Olivia had previously tried to form connections with both Will and Aven, but to no avail. Peter, on the other hand, did not seem interested in pursuing any of the women seriously until right before the rose ceremony.

At the cocktail party, Peter flirted with every girl who was not already in a committed relationship. Furthermore, Peter even tried to pull Samantha Jeffries for a chat, who was already exclusive with Aaron Schwartzman. Despite ultimately offering his rose to Olivia, Peter does not come off as genuine at all. Olivia and Peter just don’t make any sense, so we hope we don’t have to watch them together for much longer.

Rachel and Sean

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Rachel Recchia and Sean McLaughlin were one of the most interesting couples to form, but we don’t exactly ship them together. Sean made it clear after arriving that his first choice was Jess Girod, although she did not return the feeling. After being subtly turned down by Jess, Sean turned to Rachel. Throughout their conversation, Sean kept mentioning how impressive it was that Rachel was the Bachelorette, which gave the conversation a weird vibe.

While Rachel seems to enjoy Sean’s company, it does not seem like he will be the man she goes all in on. The preview for week three teases the return of Tyler Norris, who was on Rachel’s season. Rachel admits that she is still interested in Tyler, which in turn worries Sean. While Rachel and Sean might have been a fun couple for the first week, it seems unlikely they will last.

When it comes to Bachelor in Paradise, fans know that it is rare for any couple to last. With hot new singles coming down the steps each week, there is a lot of competition for the couples. While some couples this season already seem solid, these four do not.