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Kim Zolciak Called Police on Kroy Biermann Day After Returning Home From New Reality Show

Kim Zolciak wrapped filming on The Surreal Life at the end of September. I’m beginning to feel like we’re all living a surreal life, a la Groundhog’s Day. We hear about more and more gas being tossed on their dumpster fire divorce almost every day. Cops were called to her and Kroy Biermann’s Milton, GA home once again to play referee between the two messes. Scratch that. Twice again.

Radar Online says police reports show that Kim called the cops on Kroy twice in one night just one day after she returned home from shooting The Surreal Life in Colombia. Reports say he stole her cell phone and wouldn’t return it. Twice.

Kroy allegedly screamed at Kim and snatched her phone

Kim called the police using the house phone on September 28 to report that Kroy took her cell phone while she was in the shower. Then he disappeared. Cops showed up at the Zolciak-Biermann house of horrors at about 10:30 pm and never found him. He was hunkered down somewhere in the almost 16,000-square-foot home.

According to the police report, “She explained when she asked for her phone back, Kroy started screaming at her, calling her names, and blocked her from leaving.”

“She advised he would hold his arms out to each side and not physically touch her but blocked her with his body to prevent her from leaving. She stated she did not have her phones for two hours and finally found the sole home phone which was when she called the police.”

The police told Kim she should consider getting a protective order.

Police never located Kroy, but Kim’s phone eventually appeared on the nightstand. “We could not verify he was in the house. But she stated that she was okay because she had her phones and would call us if he came back.”

“Officers advised her to stay separate from Kroy as much as possible in order to avoid any future confrontations or escalations.”

Then it happened again

Kim called the police back at 11:45 pm when Kroy allegedly burst into the room “screaming” at her and again took her phone.

The police searched the house for Kroy and the missing phone again. Just like the incident one hour prior, the phone magically appeared while Kroy stayed hidden. The phone was later found on the bedroom floor wrapped up in towels.

Thank the reality TV gods that Kim and Kroy’s house is finally on the market. The police and their neighbors need a break. Most of all, it’s time for their four young kids to have some peace.

The Surreal Life will premiere on MTV sometime next year.