Sister Wives' Christine Brown and David Woolley
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Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Is a ‘Big Fan of Divorce’

Christine Brown is on cloud nine after her divorce from Sister Wives estranged ex-husband, Kody Brown, and subsequent wedding to the man she dubbed her “soulmate,” David Woolley.

The star of the polygamy show and mother of six shared that it wasn’t easy choosing to get out of her 25-year marriage. But, in the end, divorce gave her the freedom to live the life of her dreams.

Discovering the wide world

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Christine Brown
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“We thought we knew everything,” she told a news outlet recently about herself and former sister wife, Janelle Brown. “We thought we understood how big this world was,” she added.

“But when I left, I was like, there’s a whole world out here.” After the divorce, Christine felt she could breathe and explore new possibilities and amazing new roads on the other side of polygamy and a dysfunctional marriage. 

She gushed about how she felt so much freedom and happiness, which is why she is entirely in support of divorce for couples that are stuck in a bad marriage and no longer happy,

And on the October 15 episode of Sister Wives, Christine declared, “I’m a big fan of divorce; if you’re thinking about it, I say go for it.” She reiterated how wonderful it was to get out of a situation that no longer worked for her.

“Do it if you’re already miserable,” Christine said. “That might be terrible advice, but I’m not a therapist or psychiatrist. I just know how it feels on the other side, and it’s awesome.”

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown gets her happily ever after

And awesome for Christine means finding the love of her life. She began dating her current husband, David, and initially kept their relationship on the down-low until February 2023. 

The whirlwind romance continued with the couple announcing their engagement in April and eventually tying the knot in October in a beautiful ceremony at Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah.

“It’s a dream come true,” she gushed about her fairy tale picture-perfect wedding. “And it was everything I never thought I would have.”

She added that everything in her relationship with her new husband was “just easy.” This, because he was a true partner and someone who just wanted to be with her and love her . That’s a definite change from her previous situation with Kody.