Most Spine-Chilling Dancing With the Stars Halloween Routines, Ranked

(Eric McCandless / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)

Dancing With the Stars never disappoints with their Halloween-themed episodes. The sets were eerie. The costumes were on point. As for the dancing? It was out of this world. Let’s take a look back at the most spine-chilling Dancing With the Stars Halloween routines, if you dare.

9. Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson – Jive

DWTS Dances/YouTube

Witney Carson partnered with comedian and actor Kel Mitchell in DWTS Season 28 for a jive. The couple danced to the song Time Warp while inside a glass enclosure.

Their audience? A group of zombies. The undead eventually broke in and grabbed the dancing duo.

8. Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough – Argentine Tango

DWTS Dances/YouTube

Sweet Bindi Irwin transformed into a fierce vampire queen for her Season 21 Argentine Tango with Derek Hough. The routine, set to the song Cry Little Sister, was technically flawless.

Bindi destroyed the other vampires and was rewarded with a perfect score. It was a “fangtastic” performance!

7. JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson – Jazz

DWTS Dances/YouTube

DWTS contestant JoJo Siwa took on the character of the killer clown from It, Pennywise, for her jazz routine. Her Season 30 partner, Jenna Johnson, played a young child in that iconic yellow raincoat. And let’s not forget the red balloon.

The creepy routine, set to the upbeat song, Anything Goes, was filled with tension. At the end of the routine, JoJo ripped off Jenna’s hand and bit it. Thankfully, it was fake, but it was still gross. And that is why I don’t trust clowns.

6. Charli D’Amelio and Mark Ballas – Argentine Tango

DWTS Dances/YouTube

In this sinister routine, Charli D’Amelio was under her partner Mark Ballas’ control. They danced a sensual but foreboding Argentine Tango to Tanguera.

At the beginning of the Season 31 dance, Charli rolled backward off a bed into a handstand. But the show-stopper was her Exorcist-style backbend walking. It was freaky and shocking.

5. Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson – Contemporary

DWTS Dances/YouTube

Season 25 gifted us with this chilling routine from Frankie Muniz and his partner, Witney Carson. The duo danced to a remake of Every Breath You Take. Frankie played a stalker, and Witney was his terrified prey.

When he entered her home, the two engaged in a physical battle. When Whitney was finally alone, she thought it was her imagination. Then lightning flashed, and Frankie glared at her through the window. His expression sent shivers down my spine.

4. Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold –  Paso Doble

DWTS Dances/YouTube

Jordan Fisher and his partner, Lindsay Arnold, took home the Mirrorball Trophy in Season 25. Before they did, they danced a heart-pounding Paso Doble to the song, Animals.

The choreography was a twist on Little Red Riding Hood. While Lindsay played Little Red, Jordan played a hungry werewolf.

And at times, Lindsay was surrounded by a whole pack of werewolves. This Paso Doble was strong, sexy, and filled with tension. In the end, Lindsay fell prey to Jordan.

3. James Hinchcliffe and Jenna Johnson – Viennese Waltz

DWTS Dances/YouTube

James Hinchcliffe was paired with pro Sharna Burgess for Season 23 of DWTS. But, due to an injury, Sharna was unable to dance their Viennese Waltz.

Jenna stepped in as Harley Quinn to James’ devilish Joker. Their sizzling chemistry was on display as they danced to You Don’t Own Me. The routine explored the shifting dynamics between the two evil characters.

James and Jenna embodied the Joker and Harley so well that I forgot I was watching a dance competition. It was incredible.

2. Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach – Contemporary

DWTS Dances/YouTube

The Season 30 Mirrorball champ, Iman Shumpert, and his partner, Daniella Karagach, gave us all the chills (and thrills) with this contemporary routine.

The dance was based on the frightening film, Us. The duo danced to I Got 5 On It. They wore red outfits and had scissors.

The performance was unnerving. Meanwhile, the lifts were crazy. Danielle stood on Iman’s shoulders and then fell into his arms. And when they paused to stare into the camera, I had chills.

1. Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy – Viennese Waltz

DWTS Dances/YouTube

Actress Janel Parrish danced with Val Chmerkovskiy during Season 19 of DWTS. They danced to Got a Secret, which was the theme song to Pretty Little Liars.

This darkly mesmerizing routine started with Janel kissing a small doll of Val. Normal, right?

Val, who seemed to be hypnotized, entered and they danced. The scene was unsettling and disturbing. Then Janel left the room and went outside. After she pulled a curtain closed, she bludgeoned Val.

This performance ticked all the boxes for the most spine-chilling Dancing With the Stars Halloween routine.

Bonus: Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert – Argentine Tango

DWTS Dances/YouTube

But, since it is Halloween, I’ll share a bonus treat.

Derek popped out from behind the judges’ desk for a Season 30 Halloween performance. His Tango of the Dead featured his then-girlfriend Hayley Erbert and dancers from his Las Vegas residency. The group danced to the song Deadwood/New Blood.

In this performance, Hayley raised her lover from the grave for just one night. The storytelling was superb, and the dancing was eerily beautiful.