Why Kody and Meri Brown’s Relationship Wasn’t ‘Fake,’ Despite Kody’s Claims


Kody Brown’s attitude has been infuriating to watch as the Sister Wives star has tried his best to rewrite the narrative as if he was Thanos wielding the Reality Stone. Kody tried to work his magic, particularly when it came to his first wife, Meri Brown, whom he didn’t want to stay married to but also didn’t want to be the one to pull the plug; ironic. The couple married in 1990, but after 32 years of marriage finally decided to part ways.

For the most part, Meri was an upstanding wife who fulfilled Kody’s every desire. She had wanted more children but couldn’t have any; she had accepted more wives into the marriage, and she always stood in Kody’s corner even when he was dead wrong.

Yes, Meri had a moment of weakness when she admitted to having an emotional affair with a catfish. Yet, Kody couldn’t move past the indiscretions, leaving Meri in some form of polygamous purgatory. Instead of letting her go, he strung the mother of one along for years, often gaslighting her and making her feel crazy. 

Meri Was Left Stunned After Kody’s Brutal Comment

Meri Brown/Instagram

During a recent episode of Sister Wives, Meri, for the first time ever, actually spoke out about the hurt that Kody had caused her. Not only did he ignore the fact that it was their 32nd wedding anniversary, but he also had to think about whether or not he wanted to take Meri out for a meal. 

According to Meri, Kody is pathetic and told her in no uncertain terms, “Your life is not one I want to insert myself into.” Yikes, talk about a villain. Not surprisingly, Meri shared, “That was very, very painful for me, and I felt my heart really speeding up cause I’m like, ‘you promised.’” 

Clearly, promises mean nothing to a man who is willing to lie about his entire life. And while this isn’t exactly two high schoolers swooning over one another, their love did seem one-sided. He drove the nail into the coffin by stating, “I have no desire to have a relationship with you.” 

You Can’t Kid a Kidder

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Kody claimed he never loved Meri and he was trying to “affirm” her feelings. What a bunch of BS! However, no one is buying what Kody is trying to sell, with Meri and viewers feeling it was just a bunch of crap to cover how he is feeling today, living monogamously with Robyn Brown. Kody might want to present the idea that his marriage was fake, but he was legally and spiritually tied to Meri for some time, and that can’t just be erased from the history books. 

If we are being honest, it very much feels like the father of 18 has a habit of discarding women and children when he has no use for them. When the kids were younger, they idolized Kody like a God, but once they started forming their own opinions, they were out. Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri were all okay until they started realizing they deserved better. Again, Kody made moves to rid them from his life.  

Meri Takes A Stance

Meri Brown/Instagram

For years, TLC viewers have been waiting for the day that Meri finally saw sense. During a recent episode, she stated, “I’m not going to go the rest of my life hiding and lying about the fact that you said you didn’t want a relationship with me. This is my story, and I have a right to tell my story.” Hallelujah, Meri has seen the light! She has finally lifted the veil of toxicity that Kody has spoon-fed her all these years and is making it clear she loved Kody, she waited for Kody, and she would have stayed with Kody if he wasn’t such a jerk. 

The only fake and phony thing is when Kody tries to play the victim but hurt people, hurt people. Kody’s lies are catching up with him as he is slowly losing contact with family member after family member. Remember, Kody, every time you do one of your wives wrong, God pushes your hairline back an inch.