Kody Brown’s Perfect Polygamist Family Was Never Going to Work, Here’s Why

Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Meri Brown of Sister Wives
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Even though Kody Brown had dreams of grandeur, his plan for a polygamous happily ever after was never going to work. For over ten years, Sister Wives fans have painfully watched the patriarch try to fool everyone around him to show he has a functional family unit. Between multiple children who aren’t talking to him and losing three wives, Kody is a bit fragile, meaning this revelation of an article might ruin him.

Even Kody’s former lovers are sick and tired of his antics. All four spouses have commented on how Kody has changed over the years, often calling him out for not being courageous. Kody’s anger and bitterness have taken over his soul, pushing his entire family away. However, Kody still chooses to live in a fantasy world, but we have a feeling his dreamland may soon come crashing down around him. Kody now needs to watch out for collateral damage. 

Robyn Feels Tricked

Kody Brown

For multiple episodes, Robyn Brown has been racking her brain trying to figure out where it all went wrong when it comes to her loving family. Firstly, Robyn, it is all your fault. You’re just in denial and drowning in your own tears. Secondly, you were sold a bag of goods. Kody’s fourth and favorite wife recently stated she thought the family was one big functioning machine and had no idea there were issues between each woman and Kody. During a confessional, Robyn noted, “I love Kody, but I never wanted to live monogamy.Kody’s marriage has been headed toward monogamy for a long time, but she isn’t happy about it.

In fact, Robyn feels lied to by Kody. With three wives down, Kody is on the verge of losing another as Robyn shared, “I’m really angry. I wanted to live plural marriage. I’m starting to feel a little tricked or something. Or like, people are making decisions that I did not choose for my life. It’s making me very angry and very depressed.” It looks like Kody will be four for four when it comes to not pleasing the women of his life. Robyn was wearing blinders and ignored all the red flags, kind of like when he ditched his first three wives to sneak around kissing her. 

Kody No Longer Believes in Polygamy

Sister Wives
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To say that Kody is disillusioned is an understatement. The man has buried his head in the sand, hoping to avoid any acceptance of the drama he caused. The father of 18 has already shared that he believes plural marriage can be “extremely difficult,” telling viewers he has “no interest” in ever trying to find another wife. Sister Wives viewers have been watching Kody contemplate the point of religion, but Robyn is blaming Christine Brown for the patriarch’s lack of holy spirit.

The first wife to ditch Kody refuted the claim, sharing, “I’m not going to be responsible for Kody losing his religion. That’s ridiculous.” Kody has always had a taste for the drama, so it feels like his ditching of Jesus may just be who he has always been. He often changes jobs, homes, and wives quickly, so it stands to reason that he just got bored with the Mormon church. 

Kody Won’t Own Up to His Own Mistakes


Kody has only been putting time and effort into Robyn. For years, viewers have watched as Kody’s interest has waned for Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine. The one-man wrecking ball has been punishing his first three wives by ignoring them and their needs for years. As Kody once described, the point of polygamy was to multiply love, not divide it. However, Kody garbled the message. Instead of taking his own advice, Kody has chosen to live a lie. 

He made it clear in a recent episode that he would be happy to leave his first three wives but didn’t want Robyn to get the ick. Kody’s extreme hubris has killed his chances of having a functional plural family. The Sister Wives star’s dream of having one big family home, rocking on the porch, and living out their days on Coyote Pass has crashed and burned. Fans have no empathy for the pompous windbag who only has himself to blame.