The Kardashians Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: Khloe Kardashian Gives Her Momager the Hard Truth

The Kardashians Season 4 recap
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Khloe Kardashian has been the true star of Season 4 of The Kardashians on Hulu, but are we surprised? The family always relies on the misfortune of Khloe to fuel their show during the slow seasons. After several episodes of her family members trying to convince her to reunite with Tristan Thompson, Khlo$ was done being the nice sister.

Khloe’s energy during the latest episode was fed up. She was sick of Tristan’s sneaky methods of trying to reconcile. Khlo$ is done with being overlooked from a professional standpoint by her momager Kris Jenner. And thankfully, she’s letting everyone know it. Here are five main takeaways from the latest episode of The Kardashians in our recap for “You’re Spiraling.”

Tricky Tristan strikes again

Kardashians Season 4 recap
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The episode kicked off with the majority of the family in Palm Springs to celebrate Easter. Considering Khloe is the most selfless person in this family’s entire orbit, she obviously invited Tristan to tag along to be a part of the festive memories. Tristan seemed to have another motive for wanting to go to the desert — trying to win Khloe back.

Khloe explained that she and Tristan have two plots of land, side-by-side, in Palm Springs that they planned to build a house on before their relationship imploded. Khloe has no interest in building a house with her baby daddy. Instead, she wants one of them to sell the land to the other, but Tristan clearly has other ambitions. He essentially hoped she would forget about the complications of everything so they could attempt a fairytale happily ever after. I blame Kris and Corey Gamble’s over-inflation of Tristan’s ego for this.

Kourtney’s crawl to redemption

Kardashians Season 4 recap
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Thankfully, Kourtney Kardashian jumped in to remind everyone exactly who Tristan is. Tristan and Khloe came over to Kourtney’s Palm Springs mansion with their kids to pick up Penelope Disick for family fun. Penelope made it clear she doesn’t love the way Tristan treated her Auntie Khloe in the past, which both Kourtney and Khloe believe is justified.

“Tristan has made horrible decisions and choices with my sisters there’s times when I’m so triggered by him I can’t be around him,” Kourtney told the cameras. Finally, someone said it. No shocker it’s Kourtney, who is always #TeamKhloe, for calling out the hypocrisy and it sounds like Penelope is following suit.

“I want Penelope to have these feelings and I don’t want to talk her out of them because I don’t want this behavior to be something that I’m validating or I’m justifying,” Khloe added.

Personally, I’ve been hard on Kourtney since she typically exudes lame hater behavior. However, when it’s directed toward Tristan, it’s warranted and I’m living for it. Kourtney showed her fearlessness when Tristan was leaving her house and she made it clear that she wasn’t done talking to him about his future plans with her sister.

“Tristan, later I want to hear your plan on Khloe forgetting,” Kourtney snarked. “I have thoughts.” Girl, don’t we all? I missed this Kourtney. It’s no shocker that she’s so much easier to stomach when she isn’t sticking her tongue down someone’s throat.

Kris’ failed grandma’s day out

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Meanwhile, Kris got the idea in her head that she wanted to attempt a day out with her grandkids without the help of staff or nannies. In the end, she could only get Kylie Jenner and Khloe to fork over Stormi and True for a day out at a horse farm in Santa Barbara. Khloe may have allowed it to happen, but not easily.  “She’s never had all the kids before at one time without help, but I know she’s raised all of us so I know she can do it,” Khloe said. “It’s just hard to release control.” To let viewers understand the gravity of that statement, producers made Khloe tell the story about how she stayed at True’s school during her first day of pre-K. Oy vey.

Khloe ended up following Kris and the girls to the horse farm to make sure all was well. The second that the two little girls saw Khloe pull up, they clung to her and forgot about their Grandma Kris. “Five minutes ago they didn’t even know she existed,” Kris said about the girls “But Khloe comes riding in, can’t handle a little competition.” To be fair, Kris did joke that car seats didn’t exist when she started having kids, so Khloe was probably slightly justified in her worries.

Kim stays in her boss-lady role

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Kim Kardashian has felt a bit distant this season of the show because she has work to do. She explained to her family in Palm Springs about her upcoming role on American Horror Story and how creator Ryan Murphy wrote a part just for her. “Kim could tell me tomorrow she’s running for the presidency and it’s like ‘Alright girl do your thing,'” Khloe joked. “It’s another day.” Truly, it does feel like we’re at that level with Kimberly.

Kim’s storyline of the episode was focused on her prison reform work. She visited Pelican Bay prison in California with Malika Haqq to meet current inmates and talk to former inmates who received life sentences but were able to get out. In general, the scene felt like another stop on Kim’s campaign trail to world domination, and I’m not that mad about it. “My empathy has grown more and more,” Kim said of her work. “If people have really shown that they can change, why wouldn’t we give people a second chance?”

Khloe is fed up with her momager

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The most interesting moment from the episode came in the final scene when Kris and Khloe met up to talk business. Kris brought up the idea that Khloe should have a podcast, which sounds genius considering her charisma and radio show history. Khloe used the opportunity to express her dissatisfaction with Kris’s management style. She thinks Kris just works on getting her daughters’ deals to sign rather than following through with the job. Khloe is likely the one sister who doesn’t have a management team to help her work on projects, so it’s just her relying on a flaky Kris Jenner to get stuff done. “Before I take on another project, I need to fix the 20 that are so f*cked up,” Khloe retorted.

While Khloe tried to come from a business perspective by airing her grievances with her manager, Kris took it personally as a mom. Khloe didn’t feel heard and ultimately lost her cool on her mom’s easy breezy approach to everything. “I’m never f*cking heard. You put a bandaid over a bullet hole and she likes to patronize me,” Khloe said. “I never feel that there’s people looking out for me I have to do it all on my own.”

Kris chalked up Khloe’s feelings to her “spiraling” in general, which seemed to skirt around the problem yet again. All I know is that Khloe should be getting a raise after the work she’s been doing this season. None of the other family members can say the same.

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