House of Villains Episode 4 recap
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House of Villains Episode 4 Recap: The Tables Have Turned

What would happen if your favorite reality TV villains gathered in one house to compete in the wildest challenges to win $250,000? I’ll let you know: pure chaos. House of Villains features some of the genre’s biggest evildoers (Omarosa, New York, Johnny Bananas, and Tanisha Thomas) fighting, scheming, and plotting their way to the series finale. 

So far, we’ve seen Vanderpump Rules‘ star Jax Taylor leave the house packing with the game’s first supervillain of the week, Omarosa. And now, it’s time for the second villain to say their goodbyes. But who will it be? Here’s everything that went down on House of Villains Episode 4. 

And the winner of this week’s redemption challenge is… 

Bobby Lytes, House of Villains Episode 4
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Each week, the House of Villains’ supervillain of the week has to nominate three people to The Hit List. The three cast members up for nomination will compete in the week’s redemption challenge to win safety.

During the last episode, Johnny Bananas nominated New York, Anfisa Arkhipchenko, and Bobby Lytes for eviction. But before the rest of the cast makes their final decision on who to send home, the others must fight for their safety. 

Typically, the challenge would happen in front of the entire house. But this week, there was a change of plans. Only the three Hit List nominees knew what was going down, and their task was to make the rest of the house complete special favors for them without them figuring it out. 

Anfisa had all of the guys flocking to her. Johnny Bananas gave her a 20-second hug, Shake Chatterjee made her smoothie, and also took a squirt of ketchup to the front. But that wasn’t it for the Love Is Blind alum. Bobby, who also had tasks to complete, spilled a margarita on him and was also able to convince Jonny Fairplay to give him a back massage. New York, on the other hand, was around the house working. She was able to get Corinne Olympios to make her a bowl of egg whites while also spilling a few drops of beer on Fairplay in the process. 

But that was enough for Jonny, who quickly caught on and alerted some of his co-stars. However, by the time he tried to flip the script, it was too late. 

Special guest Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms entered the Villain’s Lair to announce the redemption challenge winner. Bananas, who devised a master plan to get Bobby out of the house the week prior, will have to try harder in the coming weeks because he won this week’s safety.  

Which villain was voted out of The Stronghold in House of Villains Episode 4? 

Tiffany "New York" Pollard, House of Villains Episode 4
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Out of the three nominees, any of them could’ve gone home. However, only one was a top priority. Since Bobby won safety, sending him home was no longer an option. So, it came down to Anfisa and New York. For their final plea, Anfisa shared a special message Omarosa whipped up for her. As for New York, she told the house she didn’t need a sympathy vote — she needed them to understand the “pecking order.” 

Tiffany’s comments took Omarosa by surprise, and when she asked for clarification, New York called her a “c*ck-sucking, c*m-guzzling Republican c*nt.” And that right there sealed her fate. 

The rest of the cast voted, and it turns out they couldn’t take the HBIC heat and sent New York to follow Jax out the door. 

The supervillain of the week is… 

Johnny Bananas, House of Villains Episode 4
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Episode 4 ended with Johnny Bananas still on his villainous throne. But it won’t be for long. A new supervillain of the week is on the horizon, and based on next week’s preview, the drama is finally starting to pick up. Who will be the next three nominated to The Hit List? Come back next week to find out. 

In the meantime, you can catch up on House of Villains on E! at 10 p.m. ET.