Andy Cohen at BravoCon
Photo by Bryan Steffy/Bravo via Getty Images

Andy Cohen Says He ‘Owes the Real Housewives a Great Debt’

2023 has been a bad year for Andy Cohen, at least in terms of his reputation. The writers’ and actors’ strikes brought many entertainment injustices to the forefront of people’s minds, including those in reality TV.

Bethenny Frankel has been relentless in her crusade to give greater rights to reality TV stars. As part of her reality reckoning, she’s thrown Andy under the bus specifically. She accused him of pitting stars against each other, especially with his Watch What Happens Live interviews.

Add to that Vanity Fair’s recent exposé on Bravo and the Real Housewives franchises, and Andy’s not looking too good. So, it’s only expected that he does what he can to try and save face, including public praise for the Housewives.

Andy is “forever grateful” for the Housewives

In an interview with Access Hollywood at BravoCon, Andy had the opportunity to reflect on the Housewives legacy. He began, “I’m so thrilled that the Housewives are still going strong. I’m so excited that people love Bravo as much as they do, and as much as I do also. It’s great.”

He continued, “Listen, I owe the Housewives a great debt. We all do – they’ve brought us so much great entertainment. But I personally owe them a great debt. They’ve had a huge influence on me and my career, and I’m forever grateful.”

During his interview, Andy had the option to drink if he didn’t want to answer a question. So, he drank when confronted with the question of which Housewife he would never bring back to Bravo. As for the opposite: “Housewife I would love to come back? I love Porsha [Williams].”

As for which Housewife he’d trust to babysit his kids, he admitted “Every Housewife … They are all great moms, I’ve learned a lot from all of them.” He added, “[Like] they’re gonna mess that up? No.”