Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, Episode 7 Recap: You Can Fool John Henry Some of the Time

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, Episode 7
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Previously on Bachelor in Paradise, Kat Izzo told Eliza Isichei a rumor about Aaron Bryant that could pull them apart. Charity Lawson came to Paradise to give Eliza the details. Will she put Eliza’s mind at ease or will she “ruin [Aaron’s] life?” Here’s everything that went down in Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, Episode 7.

The Aaron drama (or much ado about nothing)

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, Episode 7
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Aaron and the guys are waiting to hear the outcome of Eliza’s chat with Charity. This is so silly. If the roles were reversed, guys wouldn’t care whether a girl had a previous boyfriend. Who cares? Thank God, Charity chose not to throw Aaron under the bus and advised Eliza just to talk to Aaron and trust her gut.

Speaking with Aaron, she tells him to just be transparent and honest with Eliza. “I’m rooting for you guys!”

So that was a lot of fuss over nothing. Sounds like one of Aaron’s exes was upset that he was moving on and wanted to make trouble for him. Not worth getting upset over. Eliza is very young.

Kat likes “everybody”

Bachelor in Paradise's Kat Izzo
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Everyone’s all coupled up on the beach, except for Kat. She’s still “rose hunting” and has set her sights on John Henry Spurlock, much to Olivia Lewis’ chagrin.

Kat says she doesn’t mind stepping over Oliva to get to John Henry, ‘cause Olivia is “toxic.” Hello, Kettle! A lot of people would say that Kat’s the toxic one, but you can make your own decision there. Mercedes Northrup is Kat’s buddy and encourages her to “go for it.”

Somehow, Kat gets John Henry to go for a walk on the beach with her. Olivia points out that Kat hates both sand and water, but she’s playing up to the deep sea diver to lure John Henry into her trap.

Welcome to the third rose ceremony of Paradise

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Host Jesse Palmer welcomes the group to the third cocktail party of Paradise. Omg, he’s wearing a full suit. He must be dying in the heat.

Kat invites John Henry to sit next to her on the couch. She’s workin’ it.

“Before we continue,” Jesse continues, “I have a very important update for you. Sam has pooped!” No further details were given, but I’m glad to hear she’s back on the road to good health.

There are eight men and 11 women left. Three women will go home tonight. While they’re all waiting for the Rose Ceremony to begin, Wells Adams hauls out the Paradise Truth Box for some fun.

The first comment he reads says, “I feel like some of these girls are ‘homie hoppin’ and it gives me the ick.” Wells insists it’s an anonymous comment, but it’s got Brayden Bowers’ fingerprints all over it.

“This one’s for John Henry,” Wells says, pulling the next comment from the box. “John Henry, meet me at the hot tub at midnight. XOXO.” I’m sure Wells just happened to pull that one out of the box at random. That couldn’t have been set up, right? John Henry’s never been this popular in his life.

Wells tells him he should “go up there and see what that note’s all about.” JH is so excited that he heads off in the wrong direction. “You’re going the wrong way,” Wells says and points him the right way. “There you go.”

And you’ll never guess who’s waiting in the hot tub for John Henry. It’s Kat! Surprise! She’s working hard for that rose, but she’s giving me the ick.

Rose Ceremony Runaway

Finally, Jesse gathers everyone for the Rose Ceremony. But somebody’s missing. Where’s Becca Serrano? Nobody’s seen her, so Jesse goes off to look for her. He finally finds her in the girls’ sleeping quarters.

“What’s going on?” he asks.

“I feel like there’s lots of doubt about my relationship with Brayden,” she tells Jesse, “and I’m kind of listening to that. I want to see if what we have is real, but I’m just afraid that what if it’s not?” Girl, it’s just a rose, not an engagement ring. You’re reading too much into it.

“I’m sorry you feel that way,” Jesse responds. “At the end of the day, it’s ultimately your choice. Are you going to come to the Rose Ceremony and take part, or are you gonna be leaving Paradise?”

So they head out the door, a reluctant Becca following Jesse. But at a fork in the path, Becca takes a left and heads up to the parking lot, while Jesse continues on to the ceremony. That was weird. Don’t think we’ve ever seen that on this show before.

So now there are eight roses for ten women, and two women are going home tonight (in addition to Becca).

And the roses go to…

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, Episode 7
ABC/Craig Sjodin

At last, the roses are doled out. The rose couples are Aven Jones and Kylee Russell, Tyler Norris and Mercedes, Peter Cappio and Samantha “Sam” Picco, Aaron and Eliza, Blake Moynes and Jess Girod, Tanner Courtad and Rachel Recchia, and John Henry and Kat (you’ll be sorry, buddy).

Only one rose remains. Who will Brayden give his rose to now that Becca made a run for it? Sweetly, he decides that Olivia got a raw deal and deserves another chance at love, so he gives his rose to her. Kat rolls her eyes, as Olivia lives to see another sunrise in Paradise.

Will Olivia get another chance at love?

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The next morning, as Kat is gloating about John Henry being “mine,” he goes to Olivia and asks to speak with her. He apologizes for not talking to her after the Rose Ceremony last night.

“I felt really bad about how I handled everything yesterday,” he says. “I feel like I disrespected you by not doing that … You deserve better.”

Olivia is very hurt, but tells John Henry, “I think you’re a very, very, very special human being, and I really like you.” She doesn’t think Kat was being genuine in her pursuit of JH. She was just going after a rose so she could stay.

Olivia assures him she’ll be okay, and they part ways.

A newcomer arrives

Tanner tries to encourage Olivia. “You’re a good person,” he tells her. “If you’re not interested in anyone here, there could be someone coming. Just be open to that.”

Shortly afterward, here comes Michael Barbour down the stairs. Michael is from Charity’s season. He’s a yacht captain and has dimples you could fall into. And he has a date card. “Michael, pick someone who gets your heart beating.”

He quickly pulls Olivia to go chat. She tells him to walk faster ’cause the hot sand is burning her feet, so he stops and gives her his sandals. Awwww! That was adorable. All the guys hope Michael will pick Olivia for his date. She deserves to be “chosen” by someone.

Sadly, we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

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