House of Villains Episode 5 Recap: The Villains Are Out To Play

House of Villains Episode 5 recap
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It’s been a week since reality TV’s biggest HBIC left E!’s House of Villains. But dare I say it was for a good cause? The chaos that erupted in the Villain’s Lair this week is all thanks to a cunning Johnny Bananas. His scheme to stir up trouble among the rest of the villains worked. Anfisa Arkhipchenko had more to say than her name this week. Bobby Lytes was on a mission to serve nobody but himself. And Shake Chatterjee ended up on an island alone. Thinking back on his “mastermind” plan, Bananas did stir up trouble, but could his ploy end up biting him in the butt? Here’s everything that went down in House of Villains Episode 5.

The Supervillain of the week is…

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Omarosa was named the Supervillain of the Week in House of Villains Episode 5.

The day after New York was voted off the villains’ island and before the Battle Royale, Anfisa pulled Shake aside to see if he was the second vote against her in the previous elimination. He was, but he didn’t want Anfisa to know that. Shake said he believed it was Corinne Olympios — New York’s former roommate and ally. While discussing the votes, Bobby joined the conversation and listened to Shake explain why he believed Corinne voted against Anfisa. He made up a BS story about The Bachelor star not wanting Bananas to choose Anfisa over her. Editors attempted to roll the footage back; however, they were unsuccessful because it NEVER HAPPENED. Come on, Shake — you couldn’t have devised a better lie?

Anyway, Shake later admitted to Bobby that he voted for New York and against Anfisa but asked him not to share. Shake — WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Don’t you know you’re on the House of Villains? Where anything you say CAN and WILL be used against you?

Eventually, the cast arrives at their next challenge location, and it’s in a literal icebox. The name of this week’s competition is titled “Cold and Calculated” — just like them. The objective is to melt a cube of ice with only their body that’s housing a hammer. With the hammer, they are then to retrieve another ice cube with either a lock or a key. If you get a lock, you can place it on one of the other villain’s boxes, which already has three a piece. If you find a key, you can unlock one of the locks on your box or use it to open a lock on someone else’s.

The competition is off to the races, and Bananas and Shake are the first to melt their way to a hammer. They start whacking away at ice cubes and placing locks on Bobby’s trunk. But before they know it, other villains like Corinne, Bobby, Tanisha, and Omarosa are on their tail. The contest is do or die and a fight to the finish. As soon as Shake removes a lock, someone places one back on. Other cast members are also in the running. Bobby is trying his hardest to remove locks, Corinne only has a few left, and Bananas is down to two as well.

After a few minutes back and forth, it’s neck and neck between Omarosa and Shake. Both have one lock left on their trunks, and it’s truly anybody’s game. However, Shake unlocks his last lock first. He celebrates by pointing his finger at a few of his co-star’s faces. “You’re f*cking toast,” he said. But he forgot one crucial part of the instructions.

“The villain who pops all their locks and opens their trunk first wins the challenge,” host Joel McHale said at the start of the competition. So, while Shake was rubbing his win in everybody’s faces, Omarosa was still working on her last lock. And before Shake could recognize his mistake, the Big O opened her trunk, grabbed the bottle of champagne, and snatched this week’s power in the process.

Shake if there’s one thing you take from this show … you never celebrate until you know you’ve secured the win. How embarrassing.

House of Villains Episode 5: Which three villains were placed on The Hit List?

House of Villains Episode 5
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Shake, Corinne, and Tanisha were all placed on The Hit List by Omarosa in House of Villains Episode 5.

With Omarosa in power, it’s her responsibility to name three villains to this week’s Hit List. As you know, those placed on the chopping block are in danger of going home. One person will win the redemption challenge, removing themselves, while the other two face their peers.

Before heading into The Stronghold, Omarosa told the girls in the house they were safe from the threat of elimination. She made it seem like she would nominate three of the strongest guys — Bananas, Shake, and Jonny Fairplay. But it’s Omarosa we’re talking about here. You can never be too sure with her. Here are the three villains up for banishment.


Shake, House of Villains
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Shake’s nomination comes as no surprise. He flipped the house upside down this week by calling a house meeting where he tried to justify throwing Corinne under the bus to Bobby and Anfisa. During the meeting, things turned left when he called Corinne a “brainless little pawn” and later called her “the thirstiest girl” he’s ever met for giving Bananas a foot massage in the pool. “There’s a difference between being thirsty and just being flirty,” she replied before Shake said, “Yeah, you come off as thirsty. I know that difference, and you’re on one side of it.”


Corinne, House of Villains
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Corinne’s nomination is a complete shock, especially since Omarosa said she wasn’t planning to put up any of the women. “Omarosa is exactly what I thought she’d be,” Bobby said in his confessional. “A cold-hearted bitch.” Corinne admitted to being surprised, but the reality vet assured her she was not this week’s target and felt confident she could come down, given her strength and brains.


Tanisha, House of Villains
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Lastly, the Bad Girls Club alum, Tanisha, was the third and final villain placed on the block. Like Shake, she should’ve seen this one coming from a mile away (especially following their beef the week before over the New York vote). Except she didn’t take it as well as the others. And neither did Johnny Bananas — who is working with all three of these villains in some capacity.

“I knew you was coming,” Tanisha said to Omarosa. “You should have,” she replied. “I’ve had my eye on you for a long time.”

The two continued sparring back and forth, trading insults about each other’s wardrobe, personalities, and gameplay.

“You’re a snake, sis,” Tanisha said to Omarosa. “No, not a snake,” Omarosa fired back. “I’m a gator.”

The episode ends with an explosive trailer for next week’s episode, and you can be sure we’ll be talking about it. Find us here next week to join the conversation.

House of Villains continues on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET.