Carl Radke at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas
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Carl Radke Says Lindsay Hubbard Split Was ‘Harder Than Brother Passing Away’

2023 has been full of unexpected reality TV relationship drama. First, there was Scandoval. Then, it became public knowledge that Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard had broken up amid their engagement, changing the face of Summer House forever.

Since then, Carl has become one of the biggest villains of Bravo, having instigated the breakup. His image has taken a nosedive, exasperated by the several rumors regarding the breakup with Lindsay.

Many said that Carl had cheated on Lindsay. Other outlets claimed that Carl had called producers to ensure cameras were there for the breakup. At BravoCon 2023, Carl couldn’t dodge the issue any longer and finally gave more thorough insight into the situation from his perspective.

Carl believes viewers will “understand” his choice to split from Lindsay


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Access Hollywood got the chance to speak with Carl at BravoCon, where he finally opened up further about his split from Lindsay. “This has been harder than, literally, my brother passing away,” he explained. “I’m not kidding … Because of the emotional side, and then also what the fallout has been for two months.”

However, Carl expressed some hope for the future, at least, with his audience. “You know, I’m just optimistic that people will see this [upcoming] season. It’s gonna be painful but they’re gonna understand how a decision or a conversation … would come to that where I felt like I needed to say to Lindsay, ‘I’m not sure this is right, right now.’”

Carl then addressed some of the rumors surrounding the breakup. “I mean, I didn’t cheat. I didn’t have an affair,” he said. “I did not call producers to set the cameras up. I do not make those decisions. I try to show up for Lindsay every day of our relationship, and love her, and support her.” He further said he didn’t take the engagement “lightly whatsoever.”

Summer House is expected to return to Bravo in early 2024.