Married To Medicine Season 10, Episode 2 Recap: Heard It Through the Grapevine

Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 2
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The premiere episode of Married To Medicine Season 10 did not disappoint! Phaedra Parks kicked things off with a little shade and shopping, and fit in quite nicely with the group. Meanwhile, Quad Webb was playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego as her location remained a mystery.

Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s fiancée, Lateasha Lunceford, also made her debut. Her nickname was Sweet Tea, but she was more half and half as the group was divided on whether she was sweet or unsweet. When Sweet Tea spilled the tea she was all about Dr. G’s money, the ladies gold digger meters went off the charts. Will Sweet Tea win over the group? Here is everything that went down on Married to Medicine Episode 2. 

Quad has entered the chat

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The mystery was finally solved. Quad was no longer MIA as she arrived at Phaedra’s house. She told Phaedra she’d been traveling to South Africa and has a new man, “Gentleman Friend.” Quad has also been keeping her distance from the group. She felt that Toya Bush-Harris had a vendetta against her, and wasn’t over Dr. Heavenly Kimes saying she slept with married men.

Phaedra asked about the DUI Toya had brought up, and Quad said the case was thrown out. Phaedra then filled Quad in on Sweet Tea. She slid into Dr. G’s DMs and offered to give him what he needed, and added a baby emoji for good measure. The two shook their heads and chalked it up to Millennial behavior. 

And speaking of Sweet Tea, she and Dr. G sat down for dinner over a home cooked meal. Dr. G marveled that she cooked greens like a sixty-five year old woman. The conversation turned however when wedding planning came up. She wanted Dr. G to be more involved, and he only wanted to fund the event. Sweet Tea was about to turn into a bridezilla, but he finally agreed to help with the cake tasting. A little self-serving, but it was a start.

The sex talk

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Dr. Jacqueline Walters was no longer on call 24/7. She was all about quality of life, and made the change to end her work days at 2pm. Her last visit on this day happened to be with rapper Da Brat. Da Brat pulled off the miracle of pregnancy at forty-eight, so this put her at a higher risk. Jackie had her eye on her and was none too happy to hear Da Brat ate Wendy’s on her way over. In a cute moment, Da Brat started beat boxing along with the sound of her babies heart. Baby Brat is going to be baptized in the funk!

Toya was excited over the launch of Toya wine club, and called up Sweet Tea to notify her of the upcoming event. She said to dress sexy, which meant no cowboy hats this time. And that conversation must have reminded Toya it was time to have the sex talk with her boys. They saw their dad Dr. Eugene Harris had watched a documentary on Playboy, and she knew the questions would be coming. 

The boys came in like they were walking into an ambush. Toya and Eugene did a great job explaining that they are going to have feelings and thoughts about sex, but to not act on them in an irresponsible manner. Or preferably until marriage. They then thoroughly grossed them out with the various STD’s they could get if they didn’t use protection. The boys were good sports and listened, but couldn’t wait to get out of the room to go back to their video games.

Sugar baby support group

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Bridal dress shopping was number one on the to do list as Sweet Tea’s wedding was a month away. She met up with her friends Jessie, Toya, and Phaedra at a couture bridal gown shop. The champagne flowed as Sweet Tea tried on various dresses for her rom com wedding dress montage. Phaedra got in another crack at the size of Sweet Tea’s derriere. In her confessional, Sweet Tea clapped back that she was untouched and natural, unlike the rest of the group.

While Sweet Tea was in the fitting room, Toya asked Jessie how she knew Sweet Tea. Jessie said they met via an online support group for women who date older men. The record scratch sound went off as Phaedra and Toya were like, a Sugar baby support group? Jessie was clearly too normal and kept her mouth shut as the women peppered her with questions. Sweet Tea was happy to chime in though, and confirmed older men’s penises do look the same. And with that, she ended the scene wearing a stunning gown and veil. Mission accomplished!

It’s wine o’clock

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Toya was ready and excited to kick off the launch of her wine club. Before she left for her party, she got a pep talk from Eugene. He advised her not ignore her spidey senses, and rise above the shady comments. At the event, Toya hoped a nice spread of cheese and wine would quell any potential shade. The group arrived and threw no shade at the event. However, Sweet Tea accused Toya and Phaedra of being mean girls when she tried on wedding dresses. They apologized, and didn’t intend for their comments to come across that way. 

Heavenly then jumped in and told Sweet Tea she heard she was in therapy for dating an older man. She wondered what do they talked about, and Sweet Tea snapped back, “Do you want to join?” She told everyone it was just a Facebook group. In her confessional, Sweet Tea said the ladies were out of touch. She noted everyone socializes via social media these days.

Sweet Tea then accused the whole group of ganging up on her at her engagement party when they talked about Quad. Dr. Simone Whitmore pulled Sweet Tea aside and calmed her down. She said they were a tough group to crack, but asked her to give them a chance. Simone added, channel your inner sweet tea, not the bitch tea. Sage advice.

Boxed wine b*tch queen

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While Sweet Tea hid out in the bathroom, the group brought up Quad. Phaedra let everyone know she spoke with her, and told her all about Sweet Tea. Jackie said if she divorced her husband, her friends were not allowed to be friends with him. Then all the girls complained they hadn’t heard from Quad. Phaedra assessed she’s not Nancy Drew, so the best solution would be to bring everyone together to hash things out. 

The night ended on a high note with the game “Boxed Wine Bitch.” Toya had the group try two versions of wine, and the person who liked the boxed wine was crowned the boxed wine bitch. Simone earned that honor as her palate was trained for bourbon. After the game, Sweet Tea got up to leave and the store tag popped out of her dress. Jackie observed she didn’t have big daddy’s money yet. As everyone else left, Heavenly gave Toya a hug and said she was proud of her accomplishments. Toya was on cloud nine. 

Later on, Phaedra met up with Dr. G for dinner. She wanted to be sure he was ready to get married, and Sweet Tea wasn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Dr. G admitted he didn’t know if he was the predator or the prey. That didn’t seem to worry him though as he had never felt so comfortable with someone. They both wanted a family and that’s where his mind was at. Phaedra seemed sold, and agreed he was happy. But she wasn’t quite ready to put all her trust in Sweet Tea just yet. 

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