Married To Medicine Season 10 Premiere Recap: Southern Sweet Tea

Married to Medicine Season 10 premiere recap
Photo by: Phylicia J. L. Munn/Bravo via Getty Images

The doctors are in! Married to Medicine season ten has finally arrived, bringing some familiar faces and new ones too. Namely, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks joining the cast. Also, unfortunately for Quad Webb, her ex-husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford returned along with his new wife Lateasha Lunceford. The tea will be piping hot this season! Here is everything that went down on Married to Medicine episode 1.  

The queen of crossovers has arrived in the Married to Medicine Season 10 premiere

Phaedra Parks
Photo by: Phylicia J. L. Munn/Bravo

Bravo loves a good crossover these days, and Phaedra is the queen of them. She’s been on RHOA, Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, and was briefly on Real Housewives of Dubai. Phaedra almost decided to stay on Dubai, however she chose to keep it close to home with the MTM crew. And what better way to hang out with the ladies than with a shopping excursion at her store The Vault, a hot spot for Atlanta’s elite. 

Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Jacqueline Walters tried on various luxurious coats as they caught up with Phaedra. Heavenly knows Phaedra, and said she’s a boss. While Jackie was more cautious. She noted that Phaedra was smart, witty, and as slick as oil on a highway.  Phaedra shared she wasn’t married to a doctor, but is dating a Nigerian physician who lives overseas. Heavenly offered relationship advice, which Phaedra declined due to Heavenly only having one relationship.

Meanwhile, Dr. Simone Whitmore and her husband Cecil hosted a casual dinner party at their house. The happy couple was going strong and ditched any plans for a relationship book. The first to arrive were Toya Bush-Harris and her husband Dr. Eugene. Toya joked they hang out with them too much because Simone didn’t even take the food out of the containers. In her confessional, Toya said she confided in Simone about her marriage, and she and Eugene are in a better place. Then the group toasted to Dr. G remarrying after everything that had happened with Quad. Here we go!

Time for some Sweet Tea

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Back at The Vault, the ladies wondered where Quad was. Phaedra said Quad was traveling and living her best life. However, Heavenly had different ideas. In her confessional, she said that Quad was probably on a jet trying to find a man in Nigeria, or sleeping with someone else’s man. Still, she claimed to be joking when she said Quad slept with married men. Jackie brought up the rumor that Greg and Phaedra had dated. Phaedra claimed only to be his wing woman. Heavenly gave her side eye and noted that Phaedra doesn’t always tell the truth.

The man of the hour finally showed up at Simone’s dinner party. Dr. G arrived with Lateasha “Sweet Tea” in tow. Everyone in the group loved Sweet Tea and felt that Dr. G leveled up with her by his side. Simone wondered what made Sweet Tea so special as everyone had to be sliding into his DM’s. Dr. G said he was getting shower pics left and right. Sweet Tea joked and said she was one of those DM’s too. She wrote to him, “I can give you what you need,” punctuated with a baby emoji getting straight to the point. Dr. G wasn’t scared, he flew her out and the duo had been inseparable ever since.

Empty nest syndrome is real

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We have a lot of doctors of various specialties on the show, but none that can cure empty nest syndrome. And that was exactly what Heavenly was feeling as she and her daughter Alaura shopped for a prom dress. Alaura wanted to go out of state for college, which was Heavenly’s worst nightmare. Heavenly was worried Alaura was going to meet a man and never come back home, just like she did. Still, she was able to put her fears aside and help her daughter pick out a gorgeous prom dress. 

Sweet Tea’s house was all decked out for her and Dr. G’s engagement party. She wanted to show his friends where she came from. Sweet Tea is a southern girl through and through. She grew up in Texas and loved to wear cowgirl hats and boots. Sweet Tea told Dr. G she was nervous to meet his friends. She wanted to impress them and forge good relationships with the group. Dr. G told her as long as they loved each other they’ll be ok. Ever the Texan, Sweet Tea recognized she still had a right to bear arms if things got crazy.

Similar but different

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It was finally time for the engagement party hoe down! Jackie and Heavenly had a quick goss sesh prior to the event. Heavenly shared that Dr. G’s home looked better under Quad, as Sweet Tea was more of a “Tarjay” type of girl. The proof would be in the pudding if they were surrounded by home decor signs like, “bee your self,” and “live, love, laugh.” Upon arrival, Jackie couldn’t quite shake the awkward feeling that she was still walking into Quad’s house.

The rest of the crew arrived with their best cowboy hats on. This included Sweet Tea’s fraternal twin sister Kaneasha, and newbies Dr. Alicia Egolum and her husband, Dr. Kema. Dr. Kema hit it off with the guys, and asked if the wives ever got into disagreements. They laughed and confirmed it happened all the time. Just don’t tell the wives it’s small potatoes. The guys thought things must have been going well with the ladies because it was all quiet on the western front. At least for now.

After Sweet Tea introduced her friends to the group, Heavenly asked what she liked most about being engaged. Sweet Tea joked, “I get a little access to the money.” All the ladies mouths dropped to the floor. Phaedra’s gold digger meter was working overtime. Heavenly said in her confessional that Sweet Tea was a copper digger because she didn’t even know what gold was. The red flags were now planted, however the group moved on to talking about Quad.

Toya asked Phaedra if she was representing Quad in her DUI case. Phaedra hadn’t heard of the charge and could neither confirm nor deny anything. Sweet Tea then spilled the beans she and Dr. G were ready to start a family. Heavenly wondered why Simone didn’t refer her to Jackie. Things went back and forth between Heavenly and Simone until Kaneasha shut it down. This prompted the group to tease if her nickname was “Mean Tea.” The night ended with Phaedra wanting to clear the air, but everyone was like we know, you didn’t sleep with Greg!

All about Quad

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The consensus amongst the group was the engagement party was a sh*t show. And that sentiment was also shared with Sweet Tea. As she and Greg were on their way to get their marriage license, she complained that instead of celebrating them, the group had made it all about Quad. He apologized and said that wasn’t fair to her. In three weeks they would be happily married, and their true friends would be there to celebrate them. Sweet Tea breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t have to lay down the law, and let the group know who the new sheriff in town was just yet. 

As Greg and Sweet Tea went into the court house, Greg announced how excited he was to make her his wife. There were no red flags as far as he could see. Flash forward to two weeks later and things are a hot mess. We got a preview of all the wedding drama to come. Such as fighting about the cost of the wedding, Sweet Tea saying Greg was controlling, Greg potentially cheating, and Quad showing up at the bridal party. We are going to need a lot of popcorn to get through this season!

Married to Medicine continues Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.