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Dr. Nicole Martin Addresses Larsa Pippen’s ‘Betrayal’ of Guerdy Abraira

Real Housewives of Miami star Dr. Nicole Martin is a very busy woman. Along with being a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, she’s a mom and currently uploading a new baby. She’s also busy navigating the dramatics of her cast mates.

RHOM Season 6 is hitting hard. Guerdy Abraira revealed she was suffering from breast cancer in what she thought was a private moment with Larsa Pippen. Unfortunately, Larsa took it upon herself to reveal Guerdy’s incredibly sensitive medical information with Lisa Hochstein and Marysol Patton.

Now Nicole enters the chat and offers both a technical and emotional opinion on Larsa’s big mouth lack of couth. The Messenger has the details.

Massive (my word) “betrayal of confidence”

It’s important to note here that Guerdy requested Larsa to keep her diagnosis to herself and not spread it around. It took Larsa no time to completely ignore her friend. After viewers made their disgust very clear, Larsa had the audacity to double down.

Nicole said, “I think the betrayal of confidence was a big deal for Guerdy and understandably so and I think that that really hurt her.” It would seem Larsa’s moment on camera meant more to her than keeping Guerdy’s confidence.

“Even if Larsa’s intentions were to be supportive and rally the girls, it wasn’t her place to tell her and I don’t think Guerdy can see anything else other than the betrayal right now. I wouldn’t say they’re in the best place,” Nicole added.

“Obviously as a medical professional, we’re held by HIPPA to maintain patient confidentiality, but also just as a friend, you don’t need to go to medical school and be a medical professional to understand that if a friend tells you something and asks for you to keep it in confidence, the least thing you can do is not share their secret,” Nicole continued.

Larsa will die on this hill

While Larsa maintains she went against Guerdy’s wishes in an effort to gather support, it’s not a move Nicole or anyone else with a grain of sense would have pulled.

“It’s not something I would have personally done. I think Larsa tries to explain it as, ‘I was telling the women so that the women could be there to support her.’ She says her intentions in telling the women were not malicious, but it just wasn’t her place to say it,” she explained.

Guerdy’s very scary chapter has ultimately ended on a positive note. While at BravoCon, she revealed the amazing news that she’s cancer-free. Now, after this ugly hiccup, many viewers wish to be Larsa-free. Congrats again to Guerdy!

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