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Craig Conover and Shep Rose Reflect on ‘Law Journey’ Beef

Back in 2014, a little show called Southern Charm introduced us to Craig Conover and Shep Rose. This friendship was born out of a mutual love of alcohol and women, mostly at the same time, and usually with the same woman.

But over the years a true bond developed between the moderately bad boys. It was kind of a big brother/little brother situation. In the absence of profound discussions, Shep had a running commentary of thinly veiled insults for Craig instead. Craig was often the butt of Shep’s jokes and kind of suffered in his shadow.

These days Craig has his own business, a healthy relationship, and he still passed the bar. At BravoCon, Shep and Craig took a moment to reflect on their journey and the bumps along the way.

The Law Beef

In the beginning, Craig was a walking punchline to Shep’s jokes about his non-flourishing career in law. After feeling he needed to lie to impress his peers and saying he passed the bar, Craig eventually did get the job done.

During a Southern Charm panel at BravoCon, Shep and Craigy went down memory lane. While Shep has pretty much had zero change in his lifestyle outside of new pants, Craig has put the work in and surprised a lot of people. Including Shep.

Thankfully Craig doesn’t hold any grudges over the way Shep treated him in the past. “I’ve definitely gotten really angry with you. Obviously, the law journey and pillow journey, I remember looking back and being like, ‘oh man’… It gave it energy though,” Craig admitted.

And Shep doesn’t disagree with his bud now that he’s been proven wrong. He confessed he has “egg on my face” at some of his old comments. These days the good ol boys have a more mature relationship thanks to the passage of time.

“Craig and I have come a long, long way. We have never been closer,” Shep stated. “We actually have adult conversations about the future and finances and stuff like that… It’s really evolved into something nice,” he concluded.

While Shep might not be seeing huge benchmarks in his romantic ventures, at least his core friendships are making progress.

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