Why Robyn Brown Is the Most Passive Aggressive Brown Family Member


Perhaps the most hated TLC star, Robyn Brown, is striking followers as extremely passive-aggressive, especially when interacting with Brown family members she dislikes. The Sister Wives star popped onto the scene in 2010 as she married Kody Brown, becoming his fourth wife. Almost immediately, Robyn started to sink her tentacles into Kody, directing him to obey her wants and needs. 

Most Sister Wives fans agree that Robyn does not operate as an adult who can regulate her emotions. Crying and throwing a tantrum is her coping mechanism for dealing with the world around her, and the sad thing is people are falling for her act. Robyn’s passive-aggressive tactics are very effective for both manipulative and defensive maneuvers. Robyn has made a career of crying, often growing through the motion of pantomiming, which includes using tissues, scrunching her face, sobbing, and deep snotty inhales. 

Robyn’s Crying Is a Technique


Sobbin Robyn is not fooling anyone who knows she is crying on demand as a tactic to entice empathy from Kody. And boy does the crying work. Through the tears, Robyn has been able to convince Kody she is the victim of the family, creates strict COVID-19 rules, and essentially forces him into monogamy. Whenever one of Kody’s other wives even thought to question a decision, Robyn would whip out the tears, and the point would be moot. 

Robyn cries if she is happy, and Robyn cries if she is sad. Robyn cries if the Arizona sun is too hot. Basically, Robyn cries; that is what she does. I think Robyn cries in hopes that people feel better for her and that no one will remember that she is the reason the polygamist family is so fractured. The whole point of crying is for Robyn to show Kody that she wears her heart on her sleeve, clearly proving that she is a person full of heart. 

Robyn Is a Crafter of Stories


Say what you want, but Robyn has an active imagination. Numerous times Robyn has been caught in her lies. During Season 8 Episode 3, entitled Robyn Behind the Scenes, Robyn stated that she got divorced and met Kody and Meri Bown seven months later, which is when they started their courting relationship. But only a few years later, during Season 14 Episode 1, Kicked Out, Robyn shared that she got divorced and then was a single mom for a couple of years. It was only after being single for a few years that she met Kody. So which version is it, Robyn?  

In the most recent season, Robyn had a very different story when it came to the fallout between the Brown children and her children. While all the kids seemed to agree that Robyn inserted her big nose, the mother of five shared that she felt Janelle’s children were mean to her. Again, there are three sides to each story, and viewers aren’t getting anywhere close to the truth when it comes to Robyn. 

Robyn Targets Kody


Kody is weak. He is a weak man who tries to blame others for his issues. However, Robyn has learned to play his feelings against her husband. It isn’t hard for Robyn to use her tactics to turn Kody’s head because he is madly in love with his fourth spouse and would do anything to be with her. Again, the newest season showed the family spending the holidays apart, mainly due to Robyn sharing that she felt his older sons would cause a fight. 

Robyn Isn’t Really Close With Meri


During Season 1 of Sister Wives, Robyn’s only friend was Meri. For multiple seasons, Robyn grew closer and closer to the first wife of Kody, not for a pure friendship but instead to use Meri for her bidding. Eventually, Meri agreed to divorce Kody so the patriarch could legally marry Robyn. Since then, the two have not been as close. Yes, Robyn still tries to convince Meri to stay, but fans can see right through her. Robyn only wants Meri to remain, so Kody still looks like an upstanding polygamist.