Winter House Season 3, Episode 5 Recap: A Full House

Winter House Season 3, Episode 5 recap
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Last week on Winter House, Brian Benni hosted a Bollywood-themed party, but it got interrupted by Kory Keefer calling out Casey Craig for trash-talking his sorta-kinda-girlfriend, Sam Feher. After being MIA for three episodes, Kyle Cooke’s lovely wife, Amanda Batula, finally arrived at the house still slightly sick from norovirus. Yay, germs! We also got an extra dose of Below Deck with Rhylee Gerber randomly joining the crew thanks to an invite from Malia White.

After a night out on the town in Steamboat Springs, the episode ended with a steamy make-out session between Tom Schwartz and Katie Flood. It finally happened after three full episodes of flirting.

Episode 5 picked up right where we left off last week — with Tom’s tongue fully down Katie’s throat. Later, more Bravolebs arrived at the house and they threw a Wild West-themed party. Here’s what all went down on Winter House Season 3, Episode 5: “How the West Was Fun.”

Kiss the girl

Everyone has been waiting with bated breath for Schwartz and Katie to kiss. They were flirting non-stop, but neither of them wanted to make the first move. It’s like Tom was waiting for a dancing crab named Sebastian to come up behind him and sing “Kiss the Girl” before finally going for it. Or, maybe he just needed some liquid courage. Either way, it finally happened, and the entire house celebrated.

“One minute you’re just sitting there laughing, the next minute your tongues are locked,” Tom said in his confessional. “And I liked it.”

Tom enjoyed the tongue play, but as soon as they got home from the bar, he went outside with Kyle and his mullet and started freaking out about the kiss. He tells Kyle, “I don’t want to be in a relationship.”

Kyle and his mullet had to talk some sense into Schwartz. Making out with Katie on Winter House doesn’t mean you have to be her boyfriend. Still, Schwartz is haunted by visions of Scandoval and Vanderpump Rules, so it’s hard for him to comprehend the feelings he’s clearly growing for this Katie.

Strong feelings and mixed signals

Winter House Season 3, Episode 5
Photo by: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

Tom and Katie aren’t the only people in their feelings this week. Danielle Olivera was going through it this week over her situationship with Alex Propson.

She previously told Alex that he should continue pursuing Jordan Emanuel, so they’ve maintained a flirty, friendly relationship in the house — with emphasis on the friend. However, Danielle’s feelings on that changed after she and Alex did the deed. So, when she saw Jordan and Alex being a little too cozy together, she spiraled with jealousy.

With Danielle clearly in her feelings, she and Alex sat outside to try to talk through it. He said, “I feel like you want me to be guilty of something.”

In response, Danielle went on a tangent about how he shouldn’t be having sex with other people in the house if he’s also having sex with her. We have all experienced this level of delusion. But as a viewer, we know it’s a wild leap for her to assume that Alex is having sex with Jordan (who is celibate) just because they’re chatty together.

Danielle is fresh off a breakup and really wants to be able to have a no-strings-attached relationship with Alex. It’s getting to her. It’s easier said than done. There have been plenty of romcoms that have shown that this type of relationship isn’t doable, but it seems like Danielle is going to have to learn it the hard way.

By the end of the night, Danielle and Alex moved past their little tiff. The next day, she shook it off with a little encouragement from Amanda. However, we all know this isn’t the last time that jealous energy is going to creep into Danielle’s head.

Jason and Aesha join the party

Two new Bravolebs arrived this week: Winter House alum Jason Cameron and Below Deck’s Aesha Scott. At this point, it’s unclear where all of these people are going to sleep. It’s a big house, but surely they’re going to run out of beds if they just keep inviting people, right?

All of the Winter House bros were excited for Jason to arrive — especially Kyle because once Jason arrives, he doesn’t leave the kitchen. All meals are covered when he’s around.

When catching up with the guys, he makes a questionable comment that he’s “single-ish.” He doesn’t actually say Gizelle Bryant’s name, but the editors stitched in a clip from his recent appearance on The Real Housewives of Potomac. It’ll take a little more than that to convince us that this is a real relationship and not something cooked up in the Bravo PR office.

On the other hand, Aesha’s entrance to the show felt like a breath of fresh air. Bravo could just drop Aesha into any show, without context, and it’s going to make the show better. However, it’s super fun that she’s visiting the house because she knows all of the Below Deck cast, and she has a lot in common with Katie. They’re both chief stews, they both dated Jack Stirrup, and they’re both Kiwis. it’s a match made in heaven. Welcome to Winter House, Aesha!

Brian’s first kiss

No one in the house is more interested in finding some Winter House love than Brian from Family Karma. He’s giving off the energy of a kid in high school who’s trying to get kissed before the school year ends. He’s gone after pretty much every girl in the house. One by one, he’s landed in the friend zone. Or, has he?

Brian has admitted that he’s into Casey — especially when she talks “nerdy” since she works in the cryptocurrency world. At one point, Casey peed in front of Brian as a way to “solidify their friendship.” Amanda said that was the ultimate clue that he was in the friend zone with her. But, we also know that Casey is bad at flirting.

Later in the episode, they hosted a Wild West party and invited what seemed like the entire population of Steamboat Springs into the house. They were crammed in there like sardines!

Out of the dozens and dozens of people who came to party with the Winter House crew, Brian met a random girl named Stephanie and they made out. Go, Brian, go! Sadly, when Brian went to use the bathroom, the girl dipped out of the party without saying goodbye. Tragic.

Chasing time with Tom and “Floody”

Winter House Season 3, Episode 5
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Tom spent Episode 5 in a spiral because he didn’t want to be disrespectful to Katie Maloney by hooking up with another Katie. It got especially awkward when he learned that they have the same middle name, too. What are the odds?

While Tom struggled with his feelings for Floody, she spent the entire episode gushing over her full-fledged schoolgirl crush. He’s all she talks about because she desperately wants him to realize that they can have a showmance without it turning into a marriage.

At one point, Floody told Schwartzy that she doesn’t even want to have sex, she just wants to cuddle and be cozy. Schwartz could barely look her in the eye.

Whether you want to call them Tom and Katie or Tom and Floody, their time together on Winter House is dwindling. The Bravo Gods have summoned Tom back to Los Angeles to film the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion. This was his penultimate episode before exiting the show. So, if they want to make a move, they’re running out of time.

Winter House continues on Bravo, Tuesday nights at 9/8c.