Lisa Hochstein and Jody Glidden
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Lenny Hochstein Threatens to Sue Lisa’s New Man Jody Glidden: ‘Get a Lawyer’

Things just took an interesting turn in the relationship dynamics between Lisa Hochstein and the two men in her life – Jody Glidden and Lenny Hochstein. Throughout Real Housewives of Miami Seasons 5 and 6, fans saw Lisa’s marriage take a shocking turn.

A hot mic moment on Season 5 confirmed that Lenny would be leaving Lisa, and speculation ran rampant as to whether he cheated on her. While Lenny maintained he didn’t cheat on Lisa, it didn’t take long to move on from her. Lisa was also able to move on eventually, finding a good man in Jody.

However, Jody had some secrets of his own (secret to the public, perhaps not to Lisa). Page Six reported that Jody was engaged to another woman just a short time before meeting Lisa, among other allegations against RHOM’s new leading man. Jody has now responded to Page Six, and Lenny has responded to Jody.

Jody accused of planting recording device in Lenny’s car

Jody responded to Page Six via Instagram comments, after which point, Lenny responded to him. Jody explained, “Yes I broke off an engagement a few weeks before I MET Lisa.” However, he claimed his relationship with his ex-fiancée, Rabia, was already unstable before calling off the engagement. Jody further claimed he met Lisa “for the first time weeks after the breakup.”

Page Six, on the other hand, reported that Rabia didn’t believe Jody’s timeline with Lisa. Jody also claimed in his comment he “let Rabia stay in [his] house,” contrary to Page Six’s claim that he kicked her out. He further accused Rabia of going to the media with lies because he refused to give her the money she was requesting from him.

Lisa also wrote her own comment on the post, saying she would show “proof or receipts” to anyone. She further claimed she was dating someone in July and August, making the accusatory timeline impossible. She went on to accuse Lenny and his team of putting the false story out. “I’ve seen them work with the same reporter before.”

Lenny then showed up in the comments, asking Lisa, “Why were you showing me pictures of him weeks before you took him back to my home while our children were there on the night that was supposed his wedding?” Lenny also wrote to Jody, “I also know that the recording device you planted in my car has many previous recordings on it. Get a lawyer. You’re going to need one.” The three continued bickering in the comments to IG users’ amusement.

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