Stubborn Below Deck Chefs Who Ignored What Guests Wanted

(Photo by: Laurent Basset/Peacock/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

The Below Deck Chefs have difficult jobs. Not only do they have to prepare meals for large parties without sous-chefs, but they also have to cook everything that they serve within minuscule galleys. At times, these hired culinary artists have outdone themselves, producing epic dishes and meals that exceed their guests’ preference sheets. Other times, they’ve failed, letting their tempers flare while their dishes burn everyone’s tips down to the ground.

In rare instances, cultural miscommunications have even occurred, which can affect the way that a dish is prepared. For example, Chef Jack Luby is currently starring over on Below Deck Mediterranean. When his American guests requested eggs, Jack became flustered. He then blamed his English background for his inability to grasp how eggs are prepared in the U.S.

Jack also struggled with how to create vegan dishes. This was a big problem, as the guests had specific dietary needs that needed to be met, hence their detailed preference sheets. To his credit, Jack is trying, and he has only complained within the privacy of his galley. As he hasn’t woken up and chosen violence towards the guests (yet), I’ll cut him some slack.

Looking back, not every Chef has responded to their guests’ preferences with poise. Some have actually become quite pigheaded, refusing to believe that any guest knows more than they do when it comes to fine dining. On this, three of Bravo‘s yachties quickly spring to mind, as they all flat out ignored their guest’s asks. Luckily, none of these stubborn Chefs are likely to ever return to this series, but I’m still going to call them out, because I’ve got the time.

Adam Glick, Onions > Guest’s Preferences


On Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2, several of the charter guests very specifically wrote “no onions” on their preference sheets. Chef Adam Glick took one look at their shared easy ask and immediately transformed into Adam Dick. Thinking that he knew their taste buds better than they did, Adam ignored their written requests and used onions anyways. The guests complained, and the food was sent back.

“New Money, they think that it’s an opportunity to put people down,” he whined, taking their eating habits as a personal attack. In retaliation, Adam chose to once again purposely put onions in their meals, despite their initial complaints. After a frustrated guest left the table to pull Hannah Ferrier aside, Hannah called Adam out. On this, Adam gave zero f’s.

Over his antics, an annoyed guest took matters into their own hands by complaining to Captain Sandy Yawn. When confronted, Adam lied to his boss about his actions. Not only was he stubborn, but he was also a coward. Walk the plank, Adam.

Kevin Dobson, Mr. Never Wrong


Oh Kevin Dobson. You were so talented, yet so stubborn. Mr. Never Wrong appeared on Below Deck Season 7, where he heavily clashed with the ladies onboard. One cameraman even caught him kicking sand into Kate Chastain‘s eye, like a toddler acting out when mad.

As for his interactions with the charter guests, one in particular was a private Chef, and on Kevin’s skills, she wasn’t pleased. Onboard, two birthdays were being celebrated, which the guests listed on their preference sheets. In addition, several of the guests wished to avoid dairy, which they also noted prior to boarding. On these notations, Kevin’s actions said, neh.

For the guests’ first lunch, Kevin made pizza. Every single pizza that he made contained cheese, which is clearly a dairy product. Kate reminded Kevin of this, and he complained. Moving on to their dinner, the guests requested a birthday cake, for obvious reasons. When a cake failed to surface, Kevin blamed Kate, stating that it was her job to plan the celebrations.

Thankfully, Kevin had made a dessert for that night. It just wasn’t the cake that the guests had requested. Thinking quickly, Kate brought out two shots of Absinthe, lit them both on fire to serve as candles, and then proceeded to sing Happy Birthday.

When the guests voiced their complaints over Kevin’s dismissals of their preference sheets, Kevin grew childish once again. The next day, he ordered Courtney Skippon to leave the blueberries, sausage, and cream off of the offended guests breakfast plate. Overall, Kate saved the charter that Kevin’s stubbornness threatened to destroy.

Ryan McKeown, Mr. No Squid For You

Watch What Happens Live/YouTube

Chef Ryan McKeown came on board for Below Deck Down Under Season 1. Thankfully, he was fired. Yep. he was that bad, with an inflexible, deflecting personality to boot. After coming for Aesha Scott and Captain Jason Chambers, Ryan was finally sent packing.

As for his ability to read and respect the guests preferences, Ryan failed miserably, all while stating that he was giving the guests what they wanted. When Andy Cohen called out Ryan’s dismissals of preference sheets on Watch What Happens Live, Ryan stammered “ahhhh, I beg to differ, a little bit.” He then redirected the blame, throwing Aesha under the bus, as it was her lack of communication with him that soured his meals. Um….what?!

On his actual acts, here’s two of many. First, following a fishing excursion, the guests caught a squid for Ryan to add to their already planned seafood dinner. Behind their backs, Ryan refused to do anything with their catch, because it wasn’t gutted and scaled. When the guests complained following his blatant dismissal that night, Ryan found himself in a heated confrontation with the Captain.

If this wasn’t annoying enough for you to care, reflect back on the charter guests who all wanted different items for breakfast, which triggered Ryan’s anger. For their lunches, Ryan therefore moved super slowly, which saw one of the guests coming down to check on their food’s status. Even still, Ryan’s passive-aggressive behaviors showed him hurrying like a snail, because he was the definition of stubborn.