Real Housewives of Dubai star Caroline Stanbury at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas
Photo By: Greg Doherty/Bravo via Getty Images

Caroline Stanbury Reveals New Face After Emotional Facelift Surgery

Happy with the result? Caroline Stanbury gave off some mixed reactions to a recent facelift that she got in Los Angeles.

The Real Housewives of Dubai star was the British expat of the series who used her platform as a social media influencer to make some serious money. She married Sergio Carrallo in December 2021 while filming the series, and the lavish wedding was included. 18 years her junior, Sergio dreamed of having a baby while Caroline was reluctant.

The couple popped in the news recently to discuss the new surrogacy laws in the UAE and revealed they had an embryo ready to go. Now, Caroline is again making headlines for a plastic surgery procedure that she may or may not be regretting.

Caroline felt that she looked like she had been in a “car crash”

On Friday, the reality TV star posted Thanksgiving photos to Instagram. She took advantage of the holiday to introduce her new face, 14 days post-op.

“NEW FACE, NEW ME ♥️ #happythanksgivng [sic] Thankful for a lot of things in my life!” she wrote.

“Let them talk #facelift,” Caroline wrote, alongside a video of her kissing Sergio.

In hindsight, the Real Housewives of Dubai star may have wanted to prepare better for the surgery. During a recent episode of her podcast Uncut and Uncensored, she admitted to undergoing the facelift “with no information whatsoever.”

“I skipped into that surgery like I was having a mole removed,” she revealed. “This is LA. So, unlike other places where you’re sort of taken to hospital and feel like you’re having a medical experience, here you’re taken to a back room of an office just as if you’re having a filler. They put you to sleep and remove your face.”

She quipped, “I looked like I’d been in a car crash, and the car definitely didn’t win.”

Could Caroline sue her surgeon?

Caroline had complaints about the results of her surgery. She even questioned whether or not to sue the doctor that operated on her.

“[The doctor] managed to cut off three inches on my neck and then the full width of my ear from my face. The shape of my face is completely wrong for a human; the top half is wider than the bottom half, and my neck is too thick. I have stitches at the front and back of my ear and on my eyelids,” Caroline described.

“There is no sign of my face in that face, which is petrifying,” she added.

Finally, Caroline explained why she was considering ligitation against the plastic surgeon.

“I wanted to sue my doctor because when you slightly look at your face, everything is in the wrong place,” she admitted.

Perhaps Caroline needed a little time to get used to the results. Her Thanksgiving post seemed very positive about the surgery. Time will tell as to what the Dubai resident will choose to do.

The Real Housewives of Dubai is expected to return to Bravo in early 2024.