Guerdy Abraira at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas
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Guerdy Abraira Slams ‘Disturbing’ Larsa Pippen for Sharing Breast Cancer Diagnosis

I’m just going to come out with it – Larsa Pippen is one of my least favorite Housewives. She’s selfish, rude, and entitled. If you don’t believe me, go back to Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Miami and let me know what you think.

But if anyone had hope of Larsa growing and maturing since RHOM came back on the air, I think she proved that would never happen. And on the most recent episodes of the franchise, Larsa’s behavior more than demonstrated what kind of friend she is. Just ask castmate Guerdy Abraira.

After Guerdy shared her breast cancer diagnosis with Larsa for a filmed lunch, Larsa was less than sympathetic. To make matters worse, Larsa went and told anybody who would listen about Guerdy’s private health matter. Something that Guerdy takes major issue with, especially considering that she specifically asked Larsa to keep her lip zipped.

Larsa’s loose lips hurt Guerdy

Guerdy told Page Six, “It’s just the sloppiness of it being said in front of people I don’t even know.” She continued, “Two of her best friends, they’re not my best friends,” referring to the women Larsa shared the diagnosis with. Neither woman is part of the RHOM cast.

“And to say my personal health news? You’ve got people bartending, waiters [around],” Guerdy noted, calling Larsa’s attitude on the sensitive matter “nonchalant.” The now-cancer-free mom added, “It’s actually disturbing.”

“Watch what happens next”

Larsa, true to form, was less than remorseful about it. Something that Guerdy has had to come to terms with. Said Guerdy, “I’m watching like the viewers are, so I’m literally like, ‘Watch what happens next.’ It’s a lot of drama and I don’t understand how my health is the centerpiece of her existence.”

The successful event planned concluded, “She thinks that everyone is going to just be a blind follower and we’re not bobbleheads here. All of us have a great head on our shoulders and we understand what consequences are and we understand good and bad and some people don’t.”

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